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Thursday, January 10, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 6:47 PM | permalink
...but Kos is rallying the Left to vote for Romney in Michigan.

Any thoughts?


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Wow. Wonder what Dennis Prager would say do?!

I think you should be mildly amused; and not discourage their encouragement. They (KOS) are idiots for thinking the way they are, but c'est la vie

Word on the street over at is that dems are being encouraged to vote Huckabee, due to the fact that he is the weakest of all the viable GOP candidates. Another loss in MI would be devastating to Romney, and if Huckabee were the winner on top of that, it would only bolster his support in other states. And we all know EXACTLY what would happen if the ol' Huckster were to win the nomination.

Can we say "mandate for the democrats," anyone?

Its reverse psycology. He thinks that by saying they want Romney, it will actually backfire and cause Republicans to vote for someone else who is not as electable - like a certain 71-year-old...

I do not know what to make of it. I think it would be a tragedy if Romney was out before Florida due to weird things in Iowa and less conservative voices in New Hampshire and Michigan.

Exit polls will hopefully help deconvolute some of this stuff.

I think the support Huckabee because he is the wrench in the Republican establishment movement is a better plan for Democrats.
Here is a link about this:

Thanks, TOm

I have no word from the street...but I've read Daily Kos before...they HATE Romney...I mean HATE HATE...they wrote plenty to do about the whole Mormon thing...made all sorts of outrageous and infuriating twisted statements.

I've never given the credit of intellectual power to folks like this...I think in typical liberal fashion they were up late drinking wine and eating Harvati cheese from Costco thinking..."Hmmm wouldn't it be hilarious to see Romney bankrupt himself..." And being that they're complete idiots and believe the words on the MSM they actually believe that Romney is out if he doesn't win Michigan...

If there is an "underground" movement to vote Huckster among Dems...then so be it...who cares...eventually it will come to light...because they've pitted themselves against themselves in their stupidity. Reality is Michigan is going to bring a few more delegates to Mitt..then Mitt goes on to win in Nevada, takes on in and pulls out a bronze, then pulls a Flashdance on the Super Tuesday states while pushing for a decent showing in FL. When it all comes out in the wash, Utah/Idaho/Colorado/Arizona/California/Texas/Minnesota creates the W for the Mittster. He's got natural traction in the West. Folks remember the Olympics, and Mormons are well respected in the West for their Business Savvy.

So let them have their wine and cheese moment...and when Mitt Wins the Presidency they'll say...Dang! That was stupid!

I'm still hoping republicans come to thier senses and vote for Mitt.This situation with MCain and Huck is beyond ridiculous. I understand herd mentality voting with the Dems but ot the GOP,we're usually more rational.If Mitt wins Michigan the media will spin it as not being that big a deal because his father was a gov. there, blah blah, blah. I'm also hoping that Mitt cut back on his avtertising because he's perserving money for the big states and he's tired of hearing McCain and Huck whining about negative ads.

Oh well any port in a storm. Won't matter much, the problem is the non-psycho dems voting for McCain.

As long as the Democrats aren't united in supporting any one candidate, Michigan will vote for whom they would have anyway. Besides Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Mass, I see Michigan as Mitt's strongest state and Mitt would have and still win Michigan no matter what the Daily Kos says.

Well, I think you should always be careful of people voting in the opposite primary. If they're willing to vote badly on the other party's ticket, how do you know they're really voting the right way for you? Simple; you don't.

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