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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 6:42 PM | permalink
So, you'd think that Romney supporters would be dampened by the 2nd place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Say it with me: "NOT!"

Today, in Boston, fundraisers and friends gathered and raised over 5 Million dollars for the Mitt campaign. Compare that to Hillary who raised $750,000 the day after her stunning victory.

By the way, they raised almost $110,000 out of Arizona alone! Does that top McCain's total take.
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Holy Mitt! (not in a religious term, guys) That is impressive fundraising! And after a silver, too! What happens when he wins in MI?

This web link:

Exposes Huckabee for losing his weight by surgery. Not by excercise which was his initial ticket to popularity. He is a charlatan.

Where is the media coverage on this? This should change public opinion that his ship's sinking (which it's not) and that he's giving up. They'll just start talking about how he's loading everything he's got into MI, to WIN IT!!!

Wow! Didn't know anything like this was even planned today. Makes me confident that Mitt is in this for the long run.

This video will help Romney. Pass it on and watch it!

Fox News talked about Hillary's big windfall tonight, nothing about Mitt. Email Fox News and insist on Fair and Balanced coverage.

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