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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
posted by Scott Allan | 11:02 AM | permalink
All this talk about Romney being in big trouble is just wishful thinking by the media. They want to see a rich, conservative fail because a conservative candidate has the best chance of winning. If they proclaim his campaign to be finished, they are hoping that Romney supporters will get discouraged and vote for someone else. Romney's early big leads in Iowa and NH were bound to disappear as the other candidates got free exposure through debates and media coverage.

It was apparently a wise strategy to get in first and spend big money so the voters wouldn't be wondering, "Who's Mitt Romney?" as apparently they are now saying, "Who is Duncan Hunter?"

Romney's performance in the last debate is proof that Romney has a message that resonates. He is emphasizing his leadership skills both inside and outside of government which is appealing to many voters. Remember when Ross Perot first jumped in the race. His charts and graphs and business-like approach to reforming government was very appealing until he lost his mind. Mitt Romney is a proven leader. He lost that message for a while by trying to differentiate himself on individual issues such as immigration, crime, and taxation.

Why is Obama having success? Just look at what people like about him. He is charming, represents a change from the status quo, and talks of hope. Nobody knows what his individual positions are on any issue. He stays above the fray this way. How did McCain win NH? Besides having a base already established over the past 8 years, McCain emphasizes telling the truth and being trustworthy. Mitt is just starting to figure out that he needs to emphasize style over substance. We should be electing our President based on the issues, but in today's reality show based society, we just want the guy we can relate to and trust. Everyone else gets voted off the island regardless of their talent and abilities.

As everyone is loading up on the buzzword change, I feel Mitt should be going after trust and leadership. Change is an ambiguous term, but trust and leadership are tangible. I trust Mitt to lead the country from day one based on his leadership experience.

As far as I'm concerned, the game is fairly tied so far and Romney has the most delegates to date. If this primary process has taught us anything, it's that the situation can change often and quite rapidly as Hillary Clinton showed us last night. There is still a lot of time left. As the other candidates keep taking turns coming in first, Romney keeps piling up the delegates by consistently having a high placing.


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"All this talk about Romney being in big trouble is just wishful thinking by the media. They want to see a rich, conservative fail."

Too bad, I guess money can't win elections.

Although the Style over Substance debate may hold the key, I think you're missing on Trust and Leadership. You can't build on the "Hey Trust Me...I'm rich, and I can show you how to become rich too! Just vote for me and I'll change the economy so fast that everyone will have more money in their wallets!"...

He's not some Saturday Infomercial!

Romney needs to stick with Ficon, SoCon, Defender of Freedom.

He just needs to figure out how to brand himself in a stylish way. He also has to target his audience better...To states of the upper East and West he should go heavy on the FiCon/Defender. To the Midwest he's a SoCon Mega Dad/with Financial Advice for Washington. To the South he's a SoCon Freedom Fighter that promises to capture Bin Laden and humiliate him worldwide before putting him to death.

People want a President that speeky cut loose Mitt and pull a Huckster and draw on some ridiculously simple analogy to explain the Economy to a bunch of hicks. Like... The Economy is like Toast with too much Peanut Butter...its Saturated with Oil and Falls Face down everytime Wallstreet drops it...

nobody cares if it is accurate...but every hick will associate your simplification as genius because they already associate Economy with Falling and Oil. Hell just like don't have to offer any suggestions on how to correct the just have to sound "Folksy Smart".

Well I don't mean he should just say,"Trust me" and nothing else. It should be more like, "You can trust me that I will be able to lead the country from day one and be able to handle anything that may arise because I've been a leader all my life." I find Mitt's level of debate very convincing and easy to understand. I think he's an excellent communicator but shouldn't try to be Huckabee. People expect him to be more dignified and above that. I believe he needs to continue to look and act presidential, not like Earl down at the barbershop. I see what you're saying though because Perot used to talk about the giant, sucking sound. His talking about the same old people switching chairs isn't really grabbing me. He needs some phrases that really connect.

Oh my word. It is so sad, but so entirely true, that we are electing our leaders based on how they look/if they make us feel the little tinglies when they talk about stupid metaphors. Mitt by FAR is the best candidate on actual substance- on any given issue I can tell you exactly where he stands and what he plans to do about it. Anyone else? Nope. Maybe on their stump subjects, such as the war on terror for McCain or social issues for the Huckster, but only Romney has offered good, reasonable solutions to a wide variety of topics.
But does the general public care? Not at all. All they see is "oh he made a lot of money, he must be a bad guy because profits are a bad thing, he should have given it all to the poor" blah blah blah. All they see is his polished, professional attitude and say "Looks like a corporate dude." Which is EXACTLY RIGHT. And dang it we NEED THAT in Washington. Someone with intelligence and leadership in a wide variety of areas. AND- unfortunately- someone who can look dumb enough to appeal to the common man. So, good luck, Mitt- I hope you win, and will pray for your success. But man sakes, if people fall for Hillary or the Huckster, we are in trouble as a nation.

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