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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
posted by jason | 10:23 AM | permalink
A lot of our fine readers here at MMM think I have somehow lost faith in Mitt, or I need to pull it together. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am being honest with my opinion of why things shaped up the way they did, and what needs to be done. And frankly I think it’s constructive. If we can't be honest and thoughtful about the strategy and tactics, we won't win in Iowa.

I was an orchestral musician for a large chunk of my life. I had some big disappointment, not the least of which was a left hand injury, leaving me unable to play for quite a while that led to my changing career directions. But I did about 15-20 professional auditions with major orchestra. I know what failure is.

When I was doing the audition circuit (which I did very well with), I never blamed a lost audition on the other candidates, the audition committee or my instrument. Generally the first thing I would do after loosing was call my wife to rally my spirits, than start thinking about what went wrong and what went right, and try and pinpoint why the committee cut me. There were some hard loses, but I eventually started to win some spots, including some great opportunities with the St. Louis Symphony and the Chicago Symphony Orchestras.

I am sure Mitt is of the same mindset.

Trust me, no one wants Mitt to loose Michigan. I want him to win, and I think he can. And I will be there, covering it and helping just like I did with Iowa. There is no shame in self-assessment, and there is no winning in a bad strategy.

Now, it’s time to look forward and tell the people of Michigan why Mitt is the best.
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Mitt will jump now big time into the economy. Michigan and recession fears of the last few days are lined up perfectly. Make that move Mitt! Do a Humphrey! Gobs and gobs of jobs jobs jobs! Get those Reagan Democrats energized! Do it baby!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 9, 2008 at 10:44 AM  

I think folks who have negative thoughts or comments should keep them to themselves. Don't post them on blogs for goodness sake.

Keep your eyes on the prize and remember, the goal is to GET THE MOST DELEGATES and MITT HAS THE MOST DELEGATES.

Why be depressed when you are winning and achieving your goal??

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at January 9, 2008 at 12:23 PM  

Just don't expect a win in Michigan Jason. I think that it is McCain's to lose right now. What we can expect is a strong second from Mitt. If Giuliani can sit out all of the primaries until Florida, Mitt is not hurt by competing and getting his message out there and pulling in substantial portions of each electorate. This thing isn't over until after February 5th.

What Mitt has going for him is the Giuliani national strategy, plus strong finishes in all of the early contests, something Giuliani lacks.

I'm afraid if Mitt wants to win Michigan, he's gonna have to act like a Democrat, which means make outlandish promises on how to subsidize the economy in Michigan by creating a government program that trains for Technology Jobs and states that Big Companies will move to Michigan to work with all the newly trained technologists...

Why not right? I mean who really needs things like principles...(that there is sarcasm) the fact is Romney can't win Michigan, he's got a better chance at winning Nevada and taking "silver" or "bronze" in Michigan.

Huck and McCain are represented by ignorant voters, yet for some reason these ignorant voters have an itchin' this political season to feel self important and show up at a caucus/primary.

I don't blame the candidates, I blame the mass amounts of unlikely caucus/primary goers that believe everything they're told by the MSM or other Candidates. This is why the negative ads came back on Romney...they weren't negative...but when they were labeled negative...that's when people began nodding their bobble heads as they read things like "Iowans and New Hampshire voters have usually punished campaigns for going negative in the past..."

The Huckster and McCain will eventually fall out from budget deficits as soon as Giuliani takes the stage again with the MSM and the free advertising for the twits comes to an end. This will happen after Super Tuesday of course.

If Romney wants to pull this off...Romney has to become identified as "Multiple Mitt" Economic Genius, Family Man, Freedom Lover!

He's done this...but he hasn't put to bed the argument that he's multi faced not multi-faceted.

Where the hell are those marketing guys that can come up with buzz words that describe these three things? The "Stool" analogy everytime its mentioned reminds me of poop. Let's give it a different name, something that every american can identify with.

I support the end...but let's face it...Mitt has to become a candidate of Style and put his Substance on the Shelf...nobody needs to know what he uses in the Kitchen, they just want to know what's on the dinner table.

Maybe that's one too many metaphors/analogies...I'm just sayin'...heheh

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