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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
posted by Anne | 4:42 PM | permalink
El Rushbo speaks. In case you missed it yesterday.Video: Previous post: Smugglers for Huckabee
--crossposted at BackyardConservative
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You know it's nice to see a lot of sober reasons to vote for Mitt and I agree with all of them. What's unsettling in all this is it seems that you are better off being a pop culture figure than a quality candidate. Every name brand conservative you can think of has to one degree or another whacked McCain and the Huckster for all the well known reasons and it doesn't seem to matter.The MSM is systematically brainwashing people into voting for their latest rock star aura and we're going to wind up with a horrible President because of it.

The other subtext here which is even more distressing is that the red media seems to be losing ground it had picked up over the past 10 years and the MSM has regained it's influnence over the average voter who is too lazy to really examine issues and jump on someone's bandwagon. Why would one group of people vote enmasse for a young Obama and another vote for an old man like McCain who has never accomplished anything and is simply cashing in on the war hero narrative.

Now we'll be headed to SC where Huck seems to be way ahead.The question is why. Is he the best person to lead the country or are people that impressed with a guitar playing Henny Youngman wannabee. Has the usually sober conservative voter lost it's soul?Talk about a flip flop now Huck wants to repeal the anchor baby amendment when a year ago he was trying to rent the Mexican Condsolute in Ark. for $1 a years rent.No accusation of him being a racist or immigrant basher. Why? The media wants him around to stop Mitt in SC.

A large part of the electorate is stupidizing themselves so they can vote for feel-good candidates.

By Anonymous bethtopaz, at January 8, 2008 at 6:58 PM  

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