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Monday, January 7, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 4:24 PM | permalink
Marc Ambinder points to the facts and his findings at a John McCain event:

For one thing, the polls are very tight; there was no real post-Iowa bounce for John McCain; he was rising before Iowa and seems to have a ceiling at about 35%.

Romney seems liberated on the trail -- like a hose unbent. He is full of energy; his television ads are excellent; his debate performance last night was stellar.

He has spent more than $10M securing the approval of conservative Republicans, has held more than 40 town hall meetings in the state, has traveled here more than any candidate, is from a neighboring state, has a natural base here.

There are no alternative conservative choices with a shot at winning the nomination.
A lot of voters in Concord this morning told me they were choosing between Romney and Huckabee -- and this was at a McCain event.

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Rush finally ripped into McCain and the Huckster today,it's about time. The question is are people still listening. People seem to be letting the MSM leading them around by the nose.I never thought I'd see the day that playing the guitar would get you in the oval office.

I just saw an AP sidebar that said McCain would be the "clear frontrunner" if he wins NH tomorrow.


Seems to me that even if Romney comes in 2nd tomorrow he would be the frontrunner. First place in Wyoming and 2nd in Iowa & NH would mean he would be leading, delegate-wise. Am I wrong? Why isn't his Wyoming win getting any play? Man...the MSM is beyond frustrating. (I know this isn't news to anyone.)

It doesn't matter anyway. I expect Romney to win NH tomorrow, especially after his stellar debate performances. Go Mitt!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 7, 2008 at 10:27 PM  

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