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Monday, January 7, 2008
posted by Anne | 11:46 AM | permalink
Bill Kristol started off his new job as a NY Times columnist positing a President Huckabee. Well. The Huckster may be conservative on life and the 2nd amendment but that's about it. As governor, he was a big tax and spender, so he and Barack could coo Kumbaya together on that approach. He also likes to blast the eeevil big corporations and push the class envy theme, (presumably as another excuse to raise taxes, ostensibly on the rich, but we all know it eventually hits the middle class.) Explain to me while a Republican would seek the endorsement of the ultra-liberal NEA in New Hampshire. Another chorus of liberal Kumbaya.

And he is often loose with the truth, by design or pure sloppiness.

Finally, he gives people of faith a bad name by pushing Christianity down our throats--vote for me because I'm a Christian leader. This masks his lack of solid policy proposals, and allows him to escape scrutiny of his record, his donors, and his bloopers by claiming vote for me because I am a good person. Tribune:
Asked by moderator Chris Wallace about a series of foreign policy gaffes, Huckabee replied that he may have made slips of the tongue but "I don't have a slip of my judgment, I don't have a slip of my character, I don't have a slip of the truth."
Well, that's not good enough. Swell final chorus of Kumbaya with the Big O, who pushes Hope along with another smooth-talker from Hope.

Hope is not enough.

--crossposted at BackyardConservative
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I've never figured out how Kristol calls himself a conservative.I wonder why all the lefties complained about him getting a job at the Times. He's not a conservative/

Why are there links from to juan mccain blogs aka (listed as "Bloggers for Huckabee" under "Red Man Blue State"...

As if we needed any more proof that the two of them have a symbiotic relationship... 2 peas in a pod. The most liberal republicans you can find.

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