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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
posted by Timotheus | 4:14 PM | permalink
There is no candidiate for President who cares more about Michigan than Mitt Romney.

If you are a Michigan resident just getting geared up to vote in the Primary election there, consider the following from Mitt Romney:

"I recognize that when Michigan is hurting, it is a precursor of what could happen to the entire country. Because our manufacturing base, if it's threatened there, it's threatened everywhere. And so for me, Michigan is not just, oh, one state that I hope they're doing well. No, for me, Michigan is a state that has to do well. Michigan is a state going through a one-state recession."

"I'll make a commitment: if I'm president, that one-state recession is over."

"[Folks in] Michigan recognize, like people across this country, that Washington has failed them time and again. That Washington has made promises and not delivered on those promises and they are tired of waiting for change. And we will bring change. You heard about illegal immigration, they promised change there, they haven't delivered. You heard about reducing the tax burden on the middle class and burdens on the middle class, they haven't delivered on that. We've talked about improving our schools, that hasn't been delivered. Getting health care for all of our citizens, that hasn't been delivered. And one, that as you know, Michigan cares about most deeply, and that is rebuilding and strengthening our economy, helping elevate wages, growing our middle class, making sure that we lead the world in technology and innovation and design and patents. It's been promised time and again, and I will actually get the job done because I have done it before."

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This is worth reading. I have had enough of John McCain the Republican. Let's call it what it is. McCain is a moderate Democrat in a Republican costume!!

Tom DeLay Slams McCain, Calls New Hampshire Win ‘A Blip’
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

By Chad Pergram

John McCain’s win in New Hampshire did not impress former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Revealing a divide in the Republican Party between moderates and conservatives, DeLay slammed McCain in an interview Wednesday with FOX News.

“There’s nothing redeeming about John McCain,” DeLay said.

The Texas Republican added that McCain “does betray conservative principles.”

When asked on which issues McCain was not a conservative, he said: “Mercy, there’s tons of them” and proceeded to list the Senator’s positions on the environment, immigration, the International Criminal Court, his support for affirmative action and taxes. He also called McCain a “hypocrite” when it came to lobbyists.

The Texas Republican went on to dismiss McCain’s victory as “A blip. An aberration in the nominating process of the Republican Party.”

DeLay said this was because New Hampshire is a state that’s trending Democratic (it replaced its two GOP House Members in 2006 with two Democrats and GOP Senator John Sununu has a tough re-election fight on his hands this year) and allows independents to vote in the Republican primary.

“He (McCain) appealed once again to independents,” DeLay said. “He’s not going to go much further than New Hampshire.”

McCain could struggle in South Carolina. President Bush clobbered him there in 2000. But eight years ago, he won Michigan, which votes next week.

DeLay also took a shot at press coverage of McCain, who described him as a “darling of the media.”

When asked about the divisions in the party between moderates and conservatives, DeLay said “I don’t think there’s a schism in the party. The party doesn’t exist. It’s rebuilding.”

I'm actually a Michigander myself. His support here seems really strong and I've been able to volunteer at the HQ and spirits seem to be high. I've made phone calls to residents all across the state and they all seem to really like him. It is looking like a victory.

Now, say that all again . . . But with a tear in your eyes.

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