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Thursday, January 10, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 9:59 AM | permalink
Tom Monaghan, founder of Dominoes Pizza has endorsed Mitt Romney. Monaghan is also a prominent Catolic and philanthropist.

Monaghan: “As someone who values the importance of faith in one’s life, I recognize in Mitt his deep religious convictions which will serve him well in facing the critical moral issues facing our society,” the release quotes Monaghan. “I believe he will stand firm on the pro-life issues and for the traditional family values that our country was founded on and which are so critical to the nation.”

While at Bain Capital, Romney led the investment team that saved Dominoes and made it the force that it is today.
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It's great to see someone like Monaghan endorse Romney. I owe a lot to Monaghan. I paid my way through college by working for a Dominos. Pizza delivery was not a great job, but it sure helped me as I tried to improve my lot in life. I might not have become a lawyer if I did not first have the chance to be a pizza guy. It is a wonderful thing that Monaghan took risks decades ago to start a new pizza company that is now offering a leg up to thousands of people across the country who are working their way up the economic ladder. We need a president who understands the value of entrepreneurs like Tom Monaghan. We do not need a president like Mike Huckabee who only aspires to remind us of our co-workers as his latest ad suggests.

If any of you have seen that ad, I encourage you to comment on it to unmask its shameful class warfare demagoguery. While Huckabee makes his snide comments about a candidate who reminds us of the guy who laid someone off, it might do us some good to remember what that guy who laid someone off is going through. To that end, I posted the following comment on Huckabee's website . . . I encourage you all to get your similar comments out there at this critical juncture in the campaign. Here's the comment . .

Let's think about that guy who laid someone off. He's running a business. He's excited to have actually built an enterprise that contributes something of value to the world. He's gone out on a limb to invest his own money to make something happen. He provides good work, good pay and good benefits for his employees. However, this guy has a governor who has enacted policies that attract more and more illegal immigrants who come into the state with their cheap labor. That governor won't allow the state police to enforce immigration laws. That governor complains when the federal government conducts raids to crack down on employment of illegal aliens. That governor entices more illegal immigrants to come with promises of cheap college tuition for their children. Our lay-off guy sees his competitors hiring the illegal immigrants at reduced wages, thereby allowing them to undercut him in the marketplace. Our guy's business starts losing clients and customers. His business starts to move out of the black and into the red. He tries to do everthing he can to make it work while staying within the law while others play outside the law. Slowly but surely, things start to slide out of control. The business just can't make ends meet anymore. Cuts have to be made. Our guy agonizes over it because he knows how much his dedicated employees need their jobs and their benefits. But reality is harsh and he makes the hardest decision of his life. He has to let someone go and it just tears him up inside. Maybe we need a president to remind us of this guy. Maybe we need a president who reminds us that the governor's compassion comes at a pretty high price for our guy and his employees. I don't need a president who reminds me of my co-worker. I need a president who understands what it takes to ensure that both my co-worker and I will have a job to return to tomorrow. Mike Huckabee, with his class warfare attitudes and his soft spot for illegal immigrants, cannot be that president.

It's prominent "Catholic" NOT "Catolic." You should probably correct the post.

It's also "Domino's" NOT "Dominoes." Sorry, I don't mean to be critical, and we all make mistakes, but it would take 2 seconds extra to do a spell check.


Other than those two things, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I still feel very good about Mitt's chances. There's no way anybody else can claim to be the "front-runner" right now.

why does it say the the Bain Capital saved Domino's? Domino's was oing just fine when Monaghan sold the company to retire.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 2, 2008 at 1:19 AM  

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