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Thursday, February 14, 2008
posted by Jeff Fuller | 1:51 PM | permalink
AP broke the news a few minutes ago.

Discussions on Fox News are saying that this makes Romney a favorite for VP (helps with unifying the right and talk-radio folks, helps in Michigan and the west, helps with potenially drawing upon Romney's money).

Also speculation that Romney's delagate going to McCain get him close to the magic 1191 that will be when Huckabee drops out . . . so this could be the move that makes Huck get out of the race . . . ah, sweet justice.

Jeff Fuller
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Do you realize that it was just a week ago that Mitt announced that he was stepping aside? What a wild week it has been!!!

I don't know what to think of this. I don't think that it will sway me to vote for McCain. I'm still firmly in the protesting by not voteing camp. I'm even conflicted about the VP talk. Does Mitt need to get tangled up with that slimeball? I guess that it might get me out to vote, because McCain looks like he might be showing up in the obits within four years.

Very, very interesting. It would get me to vote for McCain. It's sad political manipulation, but in the end I think it will be better for Romney's political career, and yea maybe McCain will kick the bucket...? Sad, but it might be the best possible thing for this country...

I'd be shocked if Mitt was the VP pick but I'll take it if it happens.Not sure how I'd fell if Mitt embraces some of McCain's not so conservative positions. At least I'd be interested in the race again. Watching Obama's stimulus proposal,McCain starts to look better.But the thumb in Huck's eye would be halarious to say the least.

Disgusting. I don't like Huck, but really? Why, Mitt, why? I thought you were serious when you pointed out your differences between yourself and the VERY LIBERAL maverick. I give up.

Is it bad to hope for a McCain heart-attack? That would = a Romney presidential bid after all! With Obama and Clinton tearing apart the Democratic party, it would be a win!

I hope Romney does not become, or even is suggested as the McCain VP.
1) If McCain wins, that would saddle Mitt with all the McCain liberal policy decisions in 2012.
2) We all know that McCain is going to loose, possibly a land slide, to Obama. I don’t want Mitt to be any more a part of that than the “good of the party” move he’s making today.

We all know how much Mitt disagrees with McCain’s policies! He’s doing this ONLY to stop Hillary/Obama from a disasterous pull-out from Iraq… period. He does not agree with McCain on more than two or three issues (cut spending, earmarks, and military strength). I hate how all the pundits (I’m watching FIX - oops, I mean FOX) are spinning this as Mitt loosing with conservatives by supporting McCain against the dems. McCain’s the man right now! There is no chance for any other to become the nominee! Mitt has to support the Republican nominee because the dems would be “a disaster” (Mitt’s own words).

I firmly believe that Mitt is doing this solely to get Huck out of the way so McCain can start concentrating on beating Hillary/Obama … though I see that as a long shot … but Mitt’s doing whatever he can to defeat them at this point. Not necessarily to curry favor with McCain or to gain a VP spot.

It’s not so much supporting McCain, as it is doing all he can to stop the dems.

I think we’re going to have 4 years of the first black president. I think it will be a terrible 4 years and that the country will wake up to, Mr. Fix-it, the best candidate to ever run in 2012.

Yes, Darrell, I firmly believe the same----Mitt is doing this to get Huckabee out of the way so McCain can start his national campaign. The day after Mitt suspended his campaign, I can't tell you how sorrowful it was for me, but I do see now that he was acting almost totally selflessly in pulling out. It is obvious that all this is for the good of our nation, and shows the OUTSTANDING character of Mitt Romney, that he could be so genuine, after being treated very poorly by McCain, and endorse him. I am not sure I could have been so 'Big' in the same circumstances. (I wanted someone to smack McCain down a few notches!)

Currently, it would be real big of McCain to apologize for the lies and dirty politics he played against Romney during the Florida primary. I might actually vote for him, but I am not holding my breath---as Ann Coulter said, they are mirror opposites.

why mccain-romney makes the most sense.

Even with Romney's Endorsement of McCain we need to send the message to the GOP and McCain that Conservatives still want Romney. We want him as our VP. If we continue to vote for him in the upcoming primaries we will be able to convey that message effectively. Romney continued to get votes even after his suspension, and I have NO DOUBT he will continue to get votes after the endorsement. This will continue to gain delegates for him, even though ultimately the delegates will most likely vote for McCain at the Convention. At which point, we hope we have a McCain-Romney ticket. HELP US! WE NEED ROMNEY FOR VP!

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