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Monday, February 11, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 6:55 PM | permalink
It’s all the rage these days to speculate as to who the VP will be. All sorts of people write about what the criteria are for VP. Many of you Romney supporters are going back and forth (believe me, we get the emails) about whether you want Mitt as a VP pick. Some are for it, most are against it. But, I think that most people are ignoring the fact that the VP has very little impact on the president.

Just think about this: when was the last time the VP spearheaded any major initiative or policy while Vice-President? Dick Cheney has been a little bit of an exception with his role in foreign policy, but even still, his role in making policy seems minimal. Even granting the Cheney exception, the role of the VP is minimal after the election is over. Really, the true role of the VP is to get the President elected. Thus, a President should pick a VP based on who will get him the most votes.

So what does this have to do with Romney? Certainly Romney has proven that he can move votes. However, for those hoping (as I have seen on some blogs) that McCain will pick Romney and let Romney run the domestic policy, don’t get your hopes up. Not that it is impossible that McCain would pick Romney, but don’t start to aggrandize what that means by starting to talk about policy influence of the running mate. That role will be negligible.


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....And honestly, putting myself in Mitt's shoes, would I want to work with McCain? A man who has an explosive temper and will not hold back from sending expletives your way when he is displeased that you aren't going his way? I think not.

To fix this nation, Mitt will need to be the Chief Executive calling the shots. From what I've seen, McCain can be pigheaded and as the president, Mitt may not be able to do what is necessary. Good things come to those who wait, and I think waiting for Mitt will be the best thing.

....Well here's the thing, Mitt is not going to be POTUS in 2008, regardless, so he won't be calling any shots anytime soon. So here's the plan; he takes the VP spot, if offered, and rides out the next 4 years (what else is he going to do?) That way, he is better situated to run again in 2012 than if he were to be totaly out of the lime light. Of course, that assumes McCain doesn't go for a second term at age 76! Shoot, there's a good probability that he might have a cerebral aneurysm while throwing one of his famous temper tanturms and Mitt would get the presidency anyway.

You discount two important factors:

1. McCain's age. He might not make it through one term.

2. VP's always have the upper hand when running for President.

If Romney is asked, you better believe he'll do it.

But if he did, I'm not sure that 4 years of anonymity would be good for him, even if he was a heartbeat from the presidency. He might have the aneurysm from enforced idleness VPs have NO power, unless the prez really trusts them.

McCain's big grouse against Mitt is that he doesn't trust him => less than no power.

Ive thought about this quite a bit.. and honestly, I dont think Mitt should do it (although I think he would).

First of all, McCain will lose. Plain and simple. And what chances do you have to be taken seriously when you were a v.p. loser (look at john edwards). I think McCain will lose to Obama in a near landslide victory. (dont say we didnt warn the republicans)

Well.. This is all well and true, but there is also the fact that McCain has stated a number of times that not only does he not really know much about the economy but he is not interested in dealing with the local socal issues and the economy. His focus is the war.
By picking Mitt, he would be able to focus on the war and push the economy onto Mitt. If things don't go well, he can put a lot of the blame on Mitt and then shove him into the background while if it goes really well he can take the credit for the decision.
This would keep Mitt in front of the media.
When 2012 comes along, if things are going really well, then he can actually take it from McCain!

By Anonymous Lance in Tx, at February 12, 2008 at 1:22 AM  

Not going to happen.McCain needs somebody to get the NASCAR dads out to solidify the south. Or he needs an economy guy which Mitt would fit but there would be a personality conflict.McCain is an establishment guy before anything.Steve Forbes is being mentioned. He's already used to doing nothing. I don't care for him because I'm not a flat tax person. That's the last thing an ailing housing market needs. At the end of the day in McCain's case,I'm not sure how much difference it will make given the dislike/trust for the candidate himself.The last straw would be another open borders guy.Newt could go a long way to make me happy but I don't know if he'd do more damage or good to the ticket.

Going back to the beginning of the Romney campaign, many argued from Day 1 that Mitt was really running for the Vice Presidency. With the amount of time and resources that Mitt put into his Presidential bid, that idea went away. But there is nothing wrong with being a loyal Vice President. Mitt can be a surrogate for the Administration during times of need, and he can step back when they don't need him. In policy areas where the Vice President does not agree with the President, the Vice President can always follow the rule: "If you can't say something nice about the President, don't say nothing at all." But absolutely, under no circumstance, should the Vice President contradict the Commander -In-Chief. Maybe the only acception would be if the President was personally involved in serious ethical lapses.

Vice Presidents are the natural choice to be next in line when it comes to a political party picking its next nominee. Just think how different the whole process would have been if Cheney would have run this time. The establishment would have united around him early on and the Cheney vs. McCain battle would have gotten ugly. But Cheney would have had several Aces in the hole due to his position.

Now, on a side note, I always had deep fears of what an American President being Mormon would mean for the Mormon Church. Around the world, any actions by a Mormon President might be seen as actions by the Church itself. This could hurt Mormon missionary work around the world. And at home, if a Mormon President supports or opposes any given issue, it could be seen as the position of the Church by those who are not familiar with the Church's policy of political neutrality. I think that a lot of these concerns would be dissipated if a Mormon was Vice President before one ever were to become Commander-In-Chief. So, for the sake of the Mormon Church, I'd almost prefer that a Mormon would be Vice President first before taking that huge step. Plus imagine how annoyed anti-Mormon bigots would get during a possible 16 years with a Mormon in either the White House or the Vice Presidency. Poking a finger in the eye of those bigots for 16 years would almost be reason enough to prefer it this way.

Also, for those of you who say that the Vice President doesn't do anything, remember that the Vice President is the President of the US Senate. And the President of the Senate breaks all tie votes. We might be getting a lot of those with how divided the country is.

One other thing for Mitt is that the window of opportunity could be closed by 2012 or 2016. I have heard many people talking about a very remarkable, young, and conservative Governor from the State of Louisiana. If, in 2012, Mitt isn't the sitting Vice President or wasn't the running mate for a McCain campaign which barely lost, the window of opportunity may have swung in somebody else's favor. As much as I like Mitt Romney, I really, really like Bobby Jindal. And Rush Limbaugh has recently said that Jindal was the next Reagan. It would be tough to stop the momentum and excitement that a Bobby Jindal candidacy would bring with it. It's kind of like what Hillary is beginning to realize with the excitement surrounding Obama on the left. No matter what she does, it may not be enough. And at some point, she may just have to join the bandwagon. Regardless, if Romney wants a chance at changing Washington, he's going to have to play the game, and if Romney is fortunate enough that McCain chooses Romney as his running mate, Romney had better JUMP at the opportunity.

Then if Romney was just recently the Vice President, in 2012 or 2016, we could see a Romney/Jindal Ticket. How cool would that be!

Zeus, I used to live in Louisiana, and I was there when Bobby Jindal, a young twenty something, was in Governor Foster's (R) administration. He did wonders.

I also was thinking the same thing....a Romney/Jindal, Pres/VP pairing, would be great for our country.

Mitt should stay as far away from the McCain ticket as possible. To do otherwise would spoil his chance in 2012. I just don't see McCain beating Obama in November.

As I see it, there's three reasons to want Romney as the VP.

1) Romney's persuasavive and has worked with liberals before. :)

2) To set up Romney as our next-in-line candidate (I don't think McCain can do two terms).

3) Frankly, McCain pass on during his presidency. Sure his mother is still alive, but his father died one year younger than McCain is now.

The only way I'll vote for McCain is if Mitt is on the ticket. At least if McCain starts to make a mess of things he could, get some input from Mitt. That's if McCain isn't too full of himself to be smart.

By Anonymous hardworkfhe, at February 12, 2008 at 7:45 PM  

I can't believe the "No Mitt" advertisement! Do you guys think Hillary or Obama put that crap up? I consider Romney more conservative than McCain. We already had one Arkansas president and we all know where that got us... We don't need another one (Huckabee). I noted their petition had less than 1500 signatures. Guess what! Their advertisement did was just fund more liberal newspaper which support Hillary and Obama! They might as well contributed to the Democrat campaign.

Mitt will certainly accept the VP nomination if McCain offers it, and he SHOULD.

And as far as we can tell right now, the ticket has a good chance to win.

Obama screwed up bigtime by picking Joe Biden. The supposed foreign-policy experience of Biden is greatly outweighed by his personal flaws, insider status, and the fact that he comes from an electorally useless State.

(Delaware has 3 electoral votes, the least that a State can have. The same as such powerhouses as Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, and Washington DC. And the Dems were going to win Delaware without Biden, as they won it in the past 4 consecutive Presidential elections and it's not trending Republican.)

Among other things, Obama missed a chance to pick a woman (keeping some Hillary supporters in the fold) or a "moderate" who could have stolen a swing state that the GOP won in 2000 and 2004 (such as Virginia).

As for speculation about 2012: assuming McCain passes away or retires, PRESIDENT Romney should seriously consider picking a woman as his Veep. It's long overdue for our party. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee deserves an early look. (Hopefully by that time she'll be Governor or Senator Blackburn...)



By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 23, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

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