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Sunday, February 10, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 4:40 PM | permalink
Mitt Romney referenced the 1976 Republican National Convention when talking at CPAC about his supporters wish that he continue on. He then went on to discuss how 2008 is different than 1976 because we are at war.

Following up on Beth's post below, I wanted to talk about this reference. Romney drew a parallel, and then let the impression it conjures resonate. This allows us to think about what it means and draw our own conclusions.

What is the parallel? In 1976, the Republican convention pitted incumbent Gerald Ford against California Governor Ronald Reagan. In many ways, Ford represented the Washington establishment and more importantly, he represented the continuation of Richard Nixon's presidency to many who wanted change.

In 2008, there will be some similar dynamics. Critics of George Bush 43 have attempted to paint him as Nixonian. The democrats will attempt to pigeonhole McCain as merely a continuation of Bush's policies. Many people do want change.

Ronald Reagan nearly captured the nomination in 1976. But he fell short. President Ford invited Reagan to speak to the convention. When he arose, he zeroed in on the singular most important topic on his mind; the threat of nuclear destruction.

In explaining why he was stepping aside, Romney zeroed in on the biggest threat we face as well; the threat of attack from terrorists.

Romney's reception at CPAC eclipsed John McCain's in many ways, just as Reagan's reception exceeded President Ford's. Like Reagan, Romney's speech left many Republicans wondering whether they had chosen the right person.

Our country has problems. I hope we can overcome them. If there was ever a leader to fix problems in Washington, it is Mitt Romney. Like Romney though, I realize we are facing a major threat to our existence. After much internal struggle, I am throwing my support behind John McCain. I will vote for him.

Many, many readers have emailed us saying they would not vote for McCain. I think that may be shortsighted. I understand the impulse. There is certain pleasure to be derived from denying someone who spited the party so many times. I really want the border problem fixed and I don't think McCain has the desire to get the job done. I have serious concerns about the economy. McCain will not be able to use the bully pulpit as effectively as Romney could have on economic matters. Nevertheless, I prefer McCain beat either of the Democrats.

If for some reason McCain doesn't win, I will be prepared to help Romney win in 2012. I know Romney will be ready to lead, just as Reagan was after the disastrous Carter years.
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Now how would McCain win? There's no way. And do you have good info that Romney is interested in running in 2012?

Yeah,this turned out to be a commander in chief primary and the war in Iraq and the one on terror trumped the economy and immigration.McCain attacking Romney on timetables put enough doubt in some people's minds that he wasn't committed to winning them,even though they were untrue.After Mitt won Michigan he rode economy and fixing Washington as his boilerplates and hardly mentioned the wars. Meanwhile McCain drove the these home.

At first I was one of those people that said I'll sit out or vote for the Dem but now I have an open mind about McCain as far as seeing what he'll do between now and November. The media loves Mccain the way he is and they are going to have a wary eye on anything he does to move to the right.They're going to blame talk radio for trying to push him to the right and blowing it with independent voters.The media wants the GOP to become the party of RINOism,with conservatives being the fringe.

How much difference is there between McCain and Bush? Not that much really.We don't know if Mccain would really close Gitmo when it comes down to where the prisoners would be sent. As far as immigration goes,how long would ittake to declare the borders secure? I don't think it's even possible to do this even with a concerted effort. There's simply too much money involved for the smugglers to give up. For McCain to win conservatives over on this he's going to have to address the magnets. On taxes and spending and the expansion of government, McCain would probably be tougher than Bush.One thing you can say positive about McCain is he's no nanny stater or socialist like the Huckster. The Huckster and his self serving sideshow act needs to get out of the race and spare McCain any further embarassments. But he's not a party loyalist,he's a Huck loyalist.I think you're going to see a lot more surrogate arm twisting in the next few weeks to get him out of the race.

I have no special inside info that Mitt is planning on running in 2012, but there are more than a few of us ready to draft him.

I have no special inside info that Mitt is planning on running in 2012, but there are more than a few of us ready to draft him.

Monica Crowley made a great case for Mitt as McCain's running mate Saturday morning. I now see that as a very smart and also pretty probable move for both M and M. I was not going to vote for McCain, but if he's got Mitt on the ticket I will. Actually his only chance to win is with Mitt making the case forcefully and well - as only Mitt can do. McCain also needs Mitt's money and organizational ability. McCain could say that Mitt would pretty much handle domestic initiatives (Michigan, border, etc) and he'd conentrate on Defence or whatever. It's actually very smart and pragmatic and may convince people scared by Obama's (and democratic) inneptitude/inexperience and a kind of unserious childishness generally. M and M together actually might pull this thing off if people come to their senses 9 months hence. Needless to say, winning or losing, being there making the case will serve Mitt nicely for 2012.

This is a candidate who has done, and will continue to do, everything to get this position for his, and only his, sake. Because he is so greedy and has lied about his various positions during his run, I do not know how we could trust him with anything. He has a proved track (since after 1990) where he would listen to Democratic leaders more often than he would with ANY representative from other side -- be it conservative or Republican. I cannot with a good conscience could vote for him, even with our country at stake. In fact, I feel strongly that our country will be at an increased risk with him as a president, much more than Bush. He's unrestrictable. We may end up with more fightings, way too many of them. I am going to study the candidates of other third parties just in case, and vote for McCain pending who he pick on his ticket and he has shown every effort to earn our trust between now and November.

Quite honestly, a Republican just can not win this year, looking at the numbers. As of Feb. 7, there were 16.9 million voters on the Dem side to the 10.6 million voters on the Rep. side. I think that Mitt got out while the getting was good.

Unless something goes completely crazy (and it sure has happened so far), at this point Obama and McCain will be the nominees. Then think about the Dem super-delegate fiasco that is brewing. Imagine Barack winning the delegate and popular vote. Then Hillary stepping in with her "pals" and throwing down enough super-delegates to win the nom. Chaos will occur and I beleive this will be the last straw for many, many democrats. So both parties will be in flux. No one will be happy with our choices. No matter what happens everyone will be unhappy. There will be Mitt, watching the mud fight on TV from home, clean as a whistle.

Someone put forth an interesting strategy about why things are shaping up as they are now. No party wants to be responsible for what no doubt will be a tough four years, with an economy in trouble, two loose end wars, and who knows what lurking up ahead. It is almost like everyone is saying, "No, you go first." "No you go first." No one wants to be blamed for what could happen these next four years.

So no, I don't want Mitt anywhere near this trainwreck election and hope he enjoys some time with his wife and family. We will be ready to pledge our full support if he decides to try again in 2012.

I noticed, just as Kim did that there are many more dems voting in the primaries than republicans, but on, they just posted a list of primary and general election vote numbers (Feb. 11th), and it appears that for some reason, that has pretty much always been the case.

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