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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 1:33 PM | permalink
There's been a lot of opinions written lately about Huckabee staying in the race. Most of the people that take the time to write something about the topic are pro-Huckabee types. Not that there's anything wrong with that.Personally I'm agnostic about Huckabee's continued presence in the race. However, I thought this piece by George Neumayr over at Human Events deserved some responding to, especially from us Romney Republicans.

Huckabee and Neumayer make the argument that there needs to be competition, as if this were some sort of ongoing marketplace and not an elimination process. Huckabee has been mathematically eliminated from getting the nomination, yet he continues to press forward as if he has not been. Huckabee has countered, notably at CPAC, that he did not major in math (which seems to be stating the obvious), but in miracles. Well, Huck, I cannot deny you a continued faith in miracles, but it seems a poor substitute at this point for an honest self-assessment.

Neumayr also makees the argument that Huckabee's continued presence "stimulates much-needed debate about pervasive liberalism in the party." It seems ironic that Huckabee's presence would stimulate debate about pervasive liberalism in the party. It is true that Huckabee's continued campaign stimulates that discussion, only not in the way that they would like to think. Most conservatives, and especially us Romney Republicans, see Huckabee as a liberal on taxes, government spending, government programs, immigration, and even seems to have those tendencies on foreign policy. Truly Huckabee's campaign does spark debate, but it is about how Huckabee represents liberalism on so many issues.

The truth is that Huckabee's campaign has not about issues. His whole platform has been personality and identity based (I guess you could count the Fair Tax, but that's another discussion). I think the same elements of personality keep Huckabee in the race. It is more about self than about the people.

So, by all means, Huckabee, stay in the race. I do not begrudge you the chance to make your presidential campaign last as long as you like. However, dispense with the false notions that the campaign is about competition or issues. Your continued presence is about self. Just admit it. After all, they say honesty is the best policy.


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I don't like calling names, but it's difficult to view Huckabee as anything other than a charismatic, egotistical dope. I hope that his refusal to pull out of the race lowers him to the status of a right-of-center John Edwards: very, very annoying, but ultimately, irrelevant.

Gosh, there must be something weird in the drinking water of Arkansas!

A true fiscal conservative would stop spending someone else's money on a dead campaign. +1 for Romney.

Amen to that!

I'va came up with this weird theory about John McCain...It's waaaaaaaaaay out there...But anyway....Remember 1996 when Dick Morris had Bill Clinton triangulate and co-opt Republican themes and cast them as his own. One hundred thousand cops comes to mind, not sure about welfare reform..Well my theory is McCain is triangulating the Dems by adopting their positions.Here's how I got to this.

I began thinking maybe the Dems want their race to drag on to the bitter end because they have no general election message or one they want exposed and massaged by the media. Then I got to thinking "hey what do the dems have to run on against Mccain"? The answer is basically nothing....He's stolen all their issues!! They want to leave Iraq,he'll stick it out..He has a border plan but not a harsh one..Global warming?? Covered..Health insurance.I'm sure he has something that isn't big government..Anybody have an opinion on this??

As far as delegate count goes, Huckabee is mathematically done - out! He knows and understands that well. In his mind, influenced mainly by religious urging, he still believes he has a chance. Where does the chance come from? Well, we all know - though he won’t admit it - that it comes from “divine providence/intervention”! That’s why he said that in college he did not major in Math, but in miracles! Also, he said in one occasion that in these media driven times, a candidate can say a “campaign ending” something and gets YouTubed the following day and it’s over for that candidate. This also falls in the “miracle” category for which he is hoping. And still another miracle he definitely hopes for is for McCain to have some health problems - a heart attack, sudden hospitalization, etc., And I’m sure Chuck Norris is giving him (Huckabee) hope in this aspect. Again, Huckabee is still hoping for God to intervene - hence, he still believes that any misfortune on the part of McCain will be an act of God! I’m sure he also credits God for Romney’s campaign suspension. This is the kind of person who usually ends up with dementia - very soon!

The one thing I can't understand is how this character gets so many votes. He has done so many stupid things that should have spelled the end of anyone else's presidential political career. The only thing I can figure is that the media is restraining from criticizing him in the hope that he will continue to make a fool of himself and thereby make fools of the republican party in general, especially if he can continue to get significant votes. This coupled with the fact that there are sizable numbers of evangelicals who continue to support this guy, and will continue to support him no matter what stupid comments he makes, or what selfish motives he betrays. It particularly bugs me when he insinuates that God is supporting his campaign. He is so obviously using his religion as a tool to gain power, and wearing it on his sleeve, so to speak. This cheapens both his religion and himself.

Huck's personality type is an ENFP on the Meyer's Briggs scale...don't know for sure but a strong hunch. These types are known to be very charismatic and alluring, but are also known to have very deep selfish streaks and a desire to have the spotlight shine brightly on them. What a spoiler this Huckabee has been. When you factor in background as a Baptist preacher, this is pretty much the only type of guy who could have taken out Romney...and he did. But Romney will be back, and hopefully by then people will be tired of Huck's selfish act.

I think Huckabee is fairly selfish. But he is not stupid (he may be less intelligent than your average president, but that still leaves him as no dummy).
One of my best guesses is that McCain and Huckabee agreed to be Pres and VP a long time ago. After Romney dropped out there was no need to gang up, but they made a choice.
Neither of them have been very good at raising money. Neither of them attract the folks who contribute large sums (or the HUGE number of small donors). So they made the choice to continue “fighting.” Huckabee wins a few states gets some free press. McCain looses and gets some free press. Tonight McCain won three states and got some free press. Huckabee lost and go some free press.
Until Huckabee addresses McCain in the negative way he addressed Romney, I do not see him as actually trying to win. So what is he doing? The above is my best guess even though it sound far out there.

Thanks, TOm

Hey anonymous, I take issue with ascribing those traits to an ENFP (or any M-B type). Huck is just a....

The reason that he is staying in the race is very simple. He makes his living as a public speaker. Staying in the race increases his value on the speaking tours that he goes on. His campaign may not have a lot of money but I bet that it still pays for his meals and lodging. Politicians from Arkansas sure know how to look good while living on someone elses dime.

The reality is that Mike Huckabee is in third place and is still losing to a man that dropped out of the race 8 states ago. From the most current numbers on CNN, Huckabee trails Mitt Romney by 72 delegates and by 1.4 million voters.

My guess is that Mike Huckabee is trying to reach Mitt Romney’s numbers, so he can say he beat Mitt in the GOP primaries. Huckabee will then be able to use that as promo for his VP spot or his 2012 presidential run or appease his Romney dislike or all of the above.

I think Huckabee has an irrational, emotional dislike of Mitt Romney. It was displayed numerous times throughout the campaign. Most noticeably at the now infamous Huckabee press conference where the non-airing airing attack ad against Mitt was publicized. It was reported that Mike Huckabee was so enraged and belittled by Romney’s Iowa attack ads that it drove him to that action. Or there is the revealing self satisfied smirk/smile Huckabee gives McCain at the ABC New Hampshire debate right after he makes a snarky remark about Mitt changing his positions.

Those are just a couple examples but the Dr. Phil’s of the world will find a treasure trove of behavior displayed by Huckabee to make for a very interesting case study of envy.

The second argument for Huckabee staying in the race is that it’s good for his business as a public speaker & his band which are entities that are all about him. It’s in his character to stay in for those reasons.

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