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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:15 PM | permalink
From the Hotline:
Given the choice of Huckabee, McCain, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, 26% of VA GOP voters and 27% of MD GOP voters chose Romney as the most qualified candidate to manage the economy, despite the fact that he suspended his campaign nearly a week ago.

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I promise to not take down this blog until mitt romney becomes the next POTUS.

There are still many out there that are crazy about Romney, and we need outlets. Please, Please, dont take down this blog.

QUESTION? What is Mitt going to do now that he has suspended his campaign? We are all wanting to know what his plans are for the next 4 years. Please respond if you have any first hand knoledge or if you just want to comment. thanks from: millions of Americans in California

Just saw where the Huckster is headed to the Cayman Islands this weekend to give a personal fundraiser speech (those pesky mortgage payments again) You have to wonder if he isn't using his presidentail run to get his speaking fees up. If so it really makes a mockery of the system. Also seeing where people are saying ah what the heck the guys having fun and not hurting anybody. Yes he is,he's hurting the Republican brand as a kook.

Listening to the Tuesday primary post-mortums,I got tired of hearing how he was the conservative's choice. This is baloney. He was the religious right's choice.

As far as McCain goes ,he's a minority candidate.If I had to take a stab at a figure, I'd guess he won the nomintaion with about 35% of the party's vote. I guess it depends on how you factor in independents vote.He has no party mandate but he's acting like he does. All thse GOP people falling in behind him only validates his apostate positions and greatly weakens the conservative wing of the party,what's left of it.

Still it all comes down to votes in order to win and it's very probomatical whether enough of the Republican vote will show up in Nov.

I got a reminder this morning of how he went into Mass. two days before Super Tuesday and campaigned in Romney's back yard. This was a totally classless act and it shows what a chump McCain really is.

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