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Friday, January 11, 2008
posted by Anne | 10:55 AM | permalink
Following up on Kyle's previous post. The RCP Blog, in their first roundup of stories of the day, reports that Mitt got a good headline out of last night's debate in the Detroit Free Press, "Romney Pledges to Fight for Michigan Jobs During Debate". Looks like the unpopularity of Dem governor Jennifer Granholm may help Republicans who have a strong economic message and track record--Mitt is the best on that.

UPDATE: More debate reaction. Gateway Pundit. Likes Romney, makes good points on McCain and Huck (that support Mitt). Hugh Hewitt.
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Yes! It's great to see Mitt finally getting the positive attention he deserves from the MSM!

I think team romney should start a gold prospectors theme, hit Nevada asking voters to join the search for gold for team mitt.

I think Romney made this point somewhere, but electing Granholm should be viewed as a profound failure for liberal Democrat policies. I am unaware of what increased “safety net” has been provided by her administration, but it seems clear to me that no “safety net” can make up for the absence of jobs that Michigan now faces. I would suspect that such things are clear to most Michigan residents as well.

I want to re-mention my concern associated with Michigan and the Democrat / Independent vote. It seems that two separate liberals have called for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary for the purpose of wounding the Republicans. I would hope that whatever effects this has upon the race (even if it benefits Romney) will be highlighted so the voice of conservatives can be heard on the road to the Republican nomination. This may be incredibly difficult because I would guess that Romney can attract some registered Democrats because of the above failure of the liberal policies of the Granholm administration. It would be desirable to define who voted for Romney (and other candidates) because of conservative principles that could really help Michigan, and who voted for Romney (and others) because they hope to support Hillary or Obama in the general election.

Thanks, TOm

Seeing a positive story in the MSM about Mitt is as rare as seeing one about Bush.God I'm praying Mitt can win in Mich.Seeing McCain emerge in the national polls is enough to make me hide all the sharp objects.When are the conservatives going to start voting for crying out loud.

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