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Thursday, February 1, 2007
posted by jason | 2:02 PM | permalink
Romney caught some good wind from Fox news today.

Ann Coulter- Tears apart both McCain and Guiliani. She really seems to knock Guiliani: "I think he's the only one not able to beat Hillary." I don't know if that's True or not but, that's a bold statement.

On Mitt she really purred out a "Yeeeessss" and he has a "proven ability to trick liberals into voting for him... He has a working knowledge of God." Her favoite of the top four. She said Gingrich is brilliant, but has missed his time- like 80's music.

O'Reilly than lastly asked "It looks like you are Mitt Romney Person?" Ann said, "Yes"

Fox and Friends- Doocy has a good interview with Romney.

Notably- Romney said "Senator Brownback maybe more conservative on some issues than I am. I am what I am." Basically his point was that he does what he thinks is right on the issues, not trying to outdo anybody. Don't worry Mitt, when it comes to brownback, you don't have to try.

Doocy said "I had a very good afternoon with the Romney's."

The fox and friends crew than gives Romney some very good reviews. Romney promises after he announces he will come in and do the weather with Fox and Friends. That will be awesome. Here's a quick preview from Doocy this morning.

Thank to reader Emily A. for the links.


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I wish Ann had endorsed Tancredo, Huckabee, Hunter, ANYBODY other then Romney.

The woman is a joke. Our version of Michael Moore. Just more attractive and less funny.

Ann Coulter is an embarrasment. Romney should try to stay as far away from her as possible.

Ann, like Dinesh D'Souza and others, is an important conservative thinker who contributes immensely to public debate. She may be over the top sometimes, but I am not offended by people in our party with stronger views than me and frankly, I am not offended by Michael Moore. The nice thing about Republicans is that we can be who we are, we can accept when something is incorrect, and we do the right thing.

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