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Thursday, February 1, 2007
posted by Ben Wren | 8:20 AM | permalink
Alabama Fundraising:

State Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, D-Guntersville, said the PAC and its actions violate
the spirit of federal law.

(Who cares about the spirit of the law?)

Romney in NH today:

Traveling with his son Craig, Romney will make Granite State stops at a
hospital, a farm, a general store and a steel mill on the heels of a recent poll
that shows him trailing Giuliani in the New Hampshire primary by 12 percentage

Twelve points isn't a huge gap a year out with a candidate who has the name ID of Romney.


Brody File: Has Romney Turned the Corner?
Lawmakers differ on whether Romney's Mormonism an issue in presidential race

Republican state Representative Gloria Haskins, a graduate of Bob Jones
University, said she's not likely to support a Mormon whose beliefs she
considers "contrary" to her Christian faith.
(I've never liked theocrats per se but even I didn't think people were that brazen about it!)

The race for presidential cash in its infancy, Sen. John McCain reported
Wednesday he had collected $1.7 million in his campaign's first few weeks while
Republican rival Rudy Giuliani's early take was $1.4 million.

NOTE: These are from 2006. Romney wasn't required to report for 2006

Romney seeks grass-roots support in S.C.

Endorsements won't get the next president of the United States elected, former
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Tuesday.
And that's why, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate said, he is pursuing a campaign of grass-roots politics that attracts voters, not necessarily their elected officials.

Still, it seems that the Republican Party has an opening for a conservative
alternative to fill. National Review's Kate O'Beirne believes the GOP always
ends up nominating the most "electable conservative" -- not just someone
perceived as the "most electable" (e.g., McCain). But lately, Romney has become
the candidate attempting to carve out the "electable conservative" niche with
what some might label "born-again conservatism."

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