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Saturday, January 12, 2008
posted by Anne | 12:34 AM | permalink

Head of Christian Home-School Entity Endorses Romney — Says Huckabee Imposed Restrictions on Home-Schoolers in Arkansas[snip]

Smith writes that Huckabee “says he supports home-schoolers and that they should be left alone, yet he signed into law a bill that imposed new restrictions on homeschoolers in AR.”
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As someone who was home schooled, AMEN! Finally, someone made an informed decision about Huckabee!

You could write a War and Peace sized novel on Huck's hypocricy and contradictions and flat out lies.. Whenever he gets cornered on one of them he resorts to an old tired one liner as a distraction. Now he's claiming Fred Thompson needs Metamucil because he busted his chops in the debate the other night.

He has been claiming that he only gave one speech to the embryonic stem cell company and it turned out to be 3,pocketing hefty fees in the process.

He claimed when he gave the Jesus/Satan brother thing to the Times magazine that he didn't know that much about Mormonism. However he attended a southern Baptist convention in 1998 in Utah where the main topic was the difference between the two religions was the main course. The lazy and cheerleading MSM does nothing to point all these things out about him.

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