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Thursday, February 21, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 8:04 PM | permalink
There's been some back and forth through email among several Mitt bloggers about the NYT article on McCain's connections to lobbyist Vicki Iseman. Both McCain and Iseman have denied the story. I am no McCain apologist, but in this battle of credibility McCain wins. The NYT has proven sufficiently unreliable in reporting about issues with a partisan element. McCain has also proven unreliable in telling the truth, but less so than the NYT. Obviously, I don't feel overly confident in either source, so both sides need to submit further evidence to bolster their claims.

As for McCain, you live by the MSM you die by the MSM. McCain tried to carry that snake down the mountain and then wonders why he got bit. You should have known better, Johnny. Should have known better.


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I think a lot of people want to give McCain the benefit of the doubt here just because it's the NY Times reporting it. I don't feel inclined to circle the wagons for McCain just because i don't want to see him damaged for the Nov. election. His defense was attacking the messenger and not with a lot of passion. I tend to believe where there's smoke,there's fire.There was no reason for this woman to be hanging around McCain to the extent she was unless there was something amiss.I don't know if the relationship was romantic,trying to influence legislation or what but something was fishy for his staff to block access from her.Now we have this simmering,ticking time bomb of a story shadowing the campaign from here on out. For the NYT to say this story was still being worked on last Dec and that's why they didn't release it then doesn't hold water. Also if McCain had clean hands in this why did he hire a high powered attorney to lobby the Times to kill the story? Why wouldn't Mr. Integrity and Straight Shooter take the story head on back then?

So he's going to hang on and further damage the party's brand even more than it already is and we'll be stuck with a President who wants to spend nearly a trillion US dollars on world poverty among other absurd liberal agenda items.

This is just the beginning. Even if this story is totally made up it would qualify as "based on actual events". It puts together two of McCain's main flaws, Lobbyists and women. He has admitted to having problems with both on more than one occasion.

And if this story isn't true,then it's Divine Justice working at it's best. Now, he would know how it feels to be wrongly accused. Didn't he do that to our man, Mitt? Ah, vengeance is sweet!

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