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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
posted by Rob Watson | 10:43 PM | permalink
Ann, as usual, does a great job of breaking down the McCain-Feingold issues into vividly colored commentary. Here are the money lines:
What a bizarre coincidence that a few years after the most draconian campaign-finance laws were imposed via McCain-Feingold, our two front-runners happen to be the media's picks! It's uncanny -- almost as if by design! (Can I stop now, or do you people get sarcasm?)

By prohibiting speech by anyone else, the campaign-finance laws have vastly magnified the power of the media -- which, by the way, are wholly exempt from speech restrictions under campaign-finance laws. The New York Times doesn't have to buy ad time to promote a politician; it just has to call McCain a "maverick" 1 billion times a year.

It is because of campaign-finance laws like McCain-Feingold that big men don't run for office anymore. Little men do. And John McCain is the head homunculus.

You want Reagan back? Restore the right to free speech, and you will have created the conditions that allowed Reagan to run.
Even after, what was it, $35M of his own money, Mitt Romney couldn't beat what the MSM was going to shove under our noses no matter how we all voted.

Yeah, I know, there are a lot of us, Mitt Romney included, who are telling us to get on the McCain train and vote the party line. I'm so disgusted by the current election system that it will be very hard for me to buy that. However, I made the mistake once, in my youthful naiveté, of throwing away my vote by opting for Ross Perot, thus helping to unseat Bush Sr. and installing a sex fiend in the Oval Office for the next eight years. Except, this year, after we lost the next Reagan (Romney) to a series of scattered, poorly run primaries and MSM chicanery, it's so hard to just hold my nose and vote.

Someone, please, cheer me up about my "choices" somehow.
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I share Ann's anger and outrage at how we are now stuck with McCain thanks to his MSM endorsements. i am even more disgusted at how republican voters fell for it.Now the NYT is releasing a story that if released back in Dec. could have gave Mitt the nomination. Not only did they know about this supposed affair,held it back,then went on to endorse him.Even the appearance of an affair is pretty much a death knell for a GOP candidate.We had a squeaky clean guy who was corruption free and Mr. Fidelity.The last straw is going to be when McCain picks Charlie Crist for the VP spot as a payback for his endorsement in Fla. Even if this story knocked McCain out of the race the Huckster will be there claiming to be the substitute. This is why I said Mitt should have stayed in the race through Texas and Ohio.

As someone who knows not what I shall do, I'll just add a couple of thoughts.

1. The court is not safe under McCain, though everybody keeps acting like it is. M-F makes a huge vested interest in keeping the court liberal.

2. 92 led to 94. 94 was sweet.

I'm with Ben on this one.... we need a repub revolt, and this just may do it.

I am no big fan of McCain, and I hate SCampaign Finance reform. But there is one thing that I must consider when voting in November- our Troops. As it stands, there is only one candidate that will fulfill our commitment to the troops, to Iraq, and to defend America- and unfortunatly for domestic affairs, that one person is John McCain. If I were voteing based on my own selfish desires, I would never vote for McCain. However, I feel that I owe it to the Troops who have sacrificed so much, to vote for someone who will allow them to finish the mission!

I have not decided yet who I will vote for in November, but this one issue is likely to be the clinch pin in the whole deal.

When you consider voting for your troops, remember this: It is an absolute, incontrovertible oxymoron to say that you are *pro* national defense without championing the security of our borders. NumbersUSA places McCain at the "abysmal" level in the area -- below the ratings for Obama or Clinton. And, no, I don't want to see either of them elected. Let's find some other alternative. Let's pray Mitt comes back.

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