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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
posted by Timotheus | 10:34 PM | permalink
Okay, sorry to yell. But I live in California. I have to deal with a lot of the problems caused by illegal immigration on a daily basis. Criminals who come here and commit horrific crimes. We send them back and they come back and do it again. We need to secure our borders now! We need to screen the people who are coming here. When our borders are weak, all kinds of bad people come in. We don't have the resources for our criminals and everyone else's.

Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing letting tens of thousands of inmates out of Caliornia Prisons in order to meet a budget gap (Yes, the same Governor who apologized for being a Republican). The same guy who is gushing over McCain. The King of RINO's.

McCain has absolutely zero credibility on this issue. He has no heart for it. He was checked by the American public the last time he tried to shove immigration reform down our throats. He wasn't converted though. Make no mistake. He is still terrible on this issue.

Within a few days, McCain has flip-flopped on this issue in order to pander to Super tuesday states, like California, where tonight, he was asked:

"At his point, if your original proposal came to a vote on the Senate floor, would you vote for it?"

MCCAIN: "It won't. It won't, that’s why we went thought the debate."

QUESTION: "But it did…"

MCCAIN: "No I would not because we know what the situation is today."

Just a few days ago, McCain sang a different tune on NBC's Meet the Press:

NBC'S TIM RUSSERT: "If the Senate passed your bill, S.1433, the McCain/Kennedy immigration bill, would you as President sign it?"

MCCAIN: "Yeah. But look, the lesson is, it isn't – one, it isn't going to come. It isn't going to come."

Voters would come to a rational conclusion if they believed McCain will say and do anything to be the nominee. He has amptly demonstrated this in the past few days. I realize this issue has largely fell out of the limelight, but voters need to realize that nothing is getting fixed. And nothing will get fixed with McCain in the White House. He doesn't believe in it. And someone who is not a champion of a cause, will not be able to push a democratic legislature to get the job done. We need to fix this problem or it will continue to get worse and worse.
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McCain was bad tonight. REALLY bad. Mitt was golden. I would have liked to see him more aggressive but he certainly came off as classy and substantive to McCain's tired, bitter and dishonest. I saw a poll on Jonathan Martin's blog at Politico on who won the debate. This probably won't last, but Mitt currently has 100 percent of the vote.

Is this not making everyone crazy? I mean even if liberal Republicans knew what he was up to they’d flip out! That’s why they’re still Republicans!!! Why is this not being talked about? Also, Mitt should really talk about the founing fathers wanting decent, respected men coming from their communities and contributing what they could, then returning to their livelihoods and families. They never intended for men to be carrer politicians! It, as they said, leads to unholy alliances! (Mitt is a perfect example of this…)

Please pass the following around…

Take a listen to and a look at the interchange…
Go to to hear John Kerry giving this interview.

John Kerry: “McCain Approached Me About Joining Dem Ticket in 2004”

“Talked to Tom Daschle about jumping the isle and becoming a Democrat”

Jonathan Singer: “On Monday afternoon I had the chance to speak with Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2004. During the interview, which covers a range of topics and which I will be posting later this afternoon, an item of particular interest jumped out at me: According to Sen. Kerry, it was John McCain’s staff who approached his campaign about potentially filling the Vice President slot on the Democratic ticket in 2004.”

Jonathan Singer: “There’s a story in The Hill, I think on Tuesday, by Bob Cusack on the front page of the paper talking about how John McCain’s people — John Weaver — had approached Tom Daschle and a New York Congressman, I don’t remember his name, about switching parties. And I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about what your discussions were with him in 2004, how far it went, who approached whom… if there was any “there” there.”

John Kerry: “I don’t know all the details of it. I know that Tom, from a conversation with him, was in conversation with a number of Republicans back then. It doesn’t surprise me completely because his people similarly approached me to engage in a discussion about his potentially being on the ticket as Vice President.”

Singer: “Okay. And just to confirm, you said it, but this is something they approached you rather than…”

Kerry: “Absolutely correct. John Weaver of his shop…” [JK answers phone]

For many Republicans, it has been bad enough that John McCain has voted and worked with Democrats against the majority of Republican Senators on a number of occasions in recent years. For Republicans, I would imagine that reports that he approached the Democrats about leaving the Senate GOP caucus in 2001 represent a borderline unpardonable offense. But it seems that reaching out to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to talk about running on that party’s ticket would be tantamount to the highest form of political treason to Republicans.

This story could hardly come at a worse time for McCain.

Mitt needs to hammer McCain about THIS!:

In 2007, Sen. McCain Suggested Setting Benchmarks In Iraq Which, If Not Met, Might Mean The End Of Our Mission In Iraq In January 2007, Sen. McCain Suggested Setting Benchmarks For Success In Iraq. "Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the most stalwart supporters of the war in Iraq, said Thursday that he might propose that the Iraqi government meet certain benchmarks for the United States to continue its engagement. Fellow senators and independent political scientists said McCain's thinking reflected growing concerns within the Republican Party about the course of the war, and also might mark a turning point for the likely 2008 presidential contender, whose previous unconditional backing of the war may have hurt his prospects. McCain said Thursday that he hadn't yet decided on precise benchmarks. 'They'd have to be specific and they (the Iraqi government) would have to meet them.'" (Margaret Talev, "McCain Suggests Iraqi Government Meet Benchmarks," Knight Ridder, 1/25/07.)

Hey i,m'' Marisa Radford, and what I have to say is that I am so irritated with John Mc,cane he had no right to treat Mitt the way he did on the Ronald Reagen Republican debate tonight, i am vary proud of Mitt that he stood up to John, good for hem and i wish Mitt luck to be president of United States Of America.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 31, 2008 at 1:20 AM  

why support AT&T when they are hurting the retirees. Our health cost has gone up, deductable over 2000.00, and benefits decreased. And Mitt supports them he should be looking at what the company did with the dollars that the old AT&T had put away for retirees.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 31, 2008 at 9:43 AM  

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