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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 11:58 AM | permalink
Reader Jack makes a great point:
All I'm gonna say is: 2004 Boston Red Sox. You remember in Game 3--in Boston--the Yankees won 19-8!! It was ALL OVER, and there was NO HOPE. And then...

It begins tonight in the California debate.

Keep the faith!


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I agree. I feel better this morning than I did last night. It's gut check time for conservatives.

I agree that tonights debate is huge, but I am worried. Mitt will need to be tough and go after McCain. And, I think that Mitt is too nice a guy to do it. Plus, he will be getting tagged teamed with Huckabee. Mitt must be strong and speak about not only his plans and the future, but show McCain's liberal policies.

If Huckabee blocks for McCain tonight, then Romney should call him out on it. He should say something like "I am running for president, not for vp."

Secondly, if McCain rattles off 8 names that have endorsed him when he gets asked an economics question, Romney should call him out on it. Romeny has plenty of endorsements as well but he does not spend 3/4 of the debate naming them as does McCain.

Romney should stick to the line about being in a Washington committee does not give you the right to say you are well versed in the economy.

Romney should spend time on the issues McCain hates talking about.

1. The economy
2. Immigration
3. Flip flopping on tax cuts
4. McCain/Feingold, McCain/Lieberman

Romeny has to hit a hr tonight. He has to be Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series. He is wounded but still has to come up big.

By Anonymous Pete_Bondurant, at January 30, 2008 at 2:35 PM  

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