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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 8:52 PM | permalink
Can be found here. Boy, that website brings back memories :)
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Election being called by some media outlets, but it still seems early to me.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 29, 2008 at 9:22 PM  

It's a sad day for the Republican party. :-(

It just makes me so angry. Have to be optimistic for Super Tuesday. Money and organization there will really show.

Don't give up hope yet... even though this was a "closed primary" indepependants and dems could still vote for McCain since the democrat race was just a beauty contest.

Discouraging, but not dead yet. Come on America, please prove to me you are not this stupid.

What a bummer !!

The seniors and the cubans carried the day for McCain, Also Crist's endorcement killed Mitt....

At least McCain was gracious in victory, I'm afraid Mitt is behind the 8 ball now.

We'll see.....


I'm sad. America keeps preaching "change," but the establishment seems to be winning. Well, at least in this case.

I hate to say it, but my broken heart is now rooting for Obama. Flame away if you'd like, but I'm exhausted. Convince me otherwise!


PS - Thanks to the folks. I love following the site.

Tonight's results made me sick to my stomach. I guess lying and cheating really does work. I had more faith in the American people to be able to see through lies and deception.

Sorry for the bitter rant...

Independents voted!! Fox talks about the exit polls and says Mitt wins 32-30 among republicans. Reports on the ground show that independents were allowed to vote republican. Of course this will get no play in the media (right after the exit polls were displayed on Fox, the roundtable didn't say one thing about it).
Frustration is an understatement.

The press release on Florida at official Mitt site is great. Very calming. Those conservative principles Mr. Romney outlines don't get beat. They don't fade away. Conservatism is here to stay, even if it heads for the hills today while McCain gets his 15 minutes. But the fight goes on.

Sad day for true conservatives. However it was extremely close. Mitt lives to fight another day, keep McCain on the run! GO MITT!

We need to encourage Rudy to "pull a Crist" and decide to back Romney after everyone has gone on and on about how McCain will benefit from this wonderful endorsement. The ultimite revenge (insert sinister laughter).

Does anyone know how we confirm the independent voting in the Republican closed Primary? If this is true I am very very disappointed with Florida...again.
Is this a grassroots complaint moment like the amnesty moment? Romney is the last stand for a true broad based conservative. We must get the party to converge behind Mitt.

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