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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 2:05 PM | permalink
I just spoke with "X", senior adviser in the Romney campaign. The turnout and size of Florida prohibits any type of concrete mid-day report but spirits are high.

My own gut feeling tells me this will be a nail-biter. There are some poll watchers on the ground but its almost impossible to cover every precinct. Couple that with the record absentee votes cast and we have a crazy, crazy night ahead.

I was told that McCain had little if any type of absentee program and the numbers seem to bear out the fact that Romney has an edge in that arena.

"Scooter", another campaign staffer, tells me the last few Romney events were very well attended... but its anyone guess what will happen.

I've also been told that Romney volunteers made over 100,000 calls in one day. Wow.

Also, in case you missed it, here's an interview I conducted with Bay Buchanan on Sunday. She's on the ground helping the Romney campaign:

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Record turnout being reported. This is a closed primary, so that has to be good for Mitt. I'm hoping that FL voters make the best choice, and get Mitt out in front. Go Mitt!

Has anyone else heard about alleged voter fraud in FL today? Apparently indies have been showing up at the polls and have been allowed to vote today :(!!,0,6968764,print.story

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