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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
posted by jason | 12:13 PM | permalink
I just voted here in Illinois. And yes, I voted for Mitt Romney, who sits at the top of the ballot. Here are a couple facts on Illinois voting for those of you who are interested:

1. In Illinois you choose your party at the check-in table. You do not register as a Republican or anything else here, you only register to vote. But I don't think that will prove quite so beneficial to McCain here, since Obama will be sure to swallow up nearly every independent and even a good chunk of Republicans. I myself have met several Republican who will be pulling a Dem ballot to vote for Barack. This will bode well for Mitt, especially if he wins today.

2. In Illinois you vote separately for the candidate and his delegates. You could theoretically vote for Romney, but then vote for Thompson's delegates. One Thompson delegate sent out emails last week asking people to still vote for her, arguing at the convention they could trust her to vote for the most viable conservative choice. Needless to say I voted for all Mitt Romney delegates, including Michael Menis (a great guy), who is head of the Chicago Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

3. As of the closing of the polls last night, 14,500 people have voted in Lake County, and 1200 have voted at my polling location alone. Early voting began June 14th. I was a poll watcher in 2006 for congressman Kirk's campaign, and I would guesstimate that we probably saw 3000 voters from both parties that day at the polls. But it was a mid-term election and Republicans did take my Democratic populated precinct. Early voting is from Jan 14th to Jan 31st.

4. Romney is supposed to be here on Saturday. Although I am not so sure, since Saturday at 11am cst is Gordon B Hinckley's Funeral in Utah and I had read somewhere he planned to attend it. So we will see. If you live in Chicago, and are interested in attending a Romney event, let me know via email: jasonpbonham at gmail dot com.

5. Yes I also voted for myself...for precinct committeeman, I think I will take it a landslide. (I am running unopposed)

Illinois will be interesting. I am predicting that IL and MO will be states that all the candidates play hard in. McCain and Giuliani (should he stay in after today) will likely focus on the NE with a few forays into the Midwest. Huckabee will play the South with some forays into IL. Romney will play the West, a little bit of the south, heavily in IL and probably put some commercials up in the NE to force McCain to spend money there.
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ooops, thats ok, you can still vote for Ron Paul in November

By Anonymous Dairy Land, at January 29, 2008 at 1:41 PM  

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