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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
posted by Anonymous | 11:28 PM | permalink
Florida Speech:

"Almost, but not quite. You guys are my heroes. You took this campaign from nowhere to the very top tier. You worked your hearts our and you made me a contender and for that, Ann and I and our family will be forever grateful. Thank you so very much."

"Now, I just got off the phone with Senator McCain, and I offered him my congratulations. I'm sure that you are excited here this evening, but a little disappointed as well, and my guess is when you left your home this evening, you put a son or a daughter to bed, and probably that's happening across the country. Moms and dads are putting kids to bed, or they already have, and they're sleeping peacefully. They're probably a bit like my grandkids, full of big dreams and plans, excited by every tomorrow."

"I remember when I was growing up, I always knew that America was the greatest nation on Earth: first nation on the Moon, our cars and movies and technology were the envy of the entire world, and freedom and opportunity was just like the air, it was everywhere I went. I believed there was nothing I couldn't do, and I knew there was nothing that America couldn't do because we led the world."

"Now, America's leadership didn't come without cost. It was won by the Greatest Generation in the history of the world. They defeated fascism, and they built the world's strongest economy. My Mom and Dad are gone as maybe yours are as well. What they and their generation left us is the greatest nation in the history of the entire planet."

"And now it's our turn. What kind of nation will we leave our children and our grandchildren? We can leave future generations a nation that's even greater than that which we inherited, but to do that, we're going to have to overcome a new generation of challenges."

"Our world is under attack from violent radical Jihadists."

"Our jobs are being sought by new competitors, countries like Asia and India."

"And here at home, our government is spending too much. We're using too much oil. Our health care system leaves a lot of people behind. And our schools are failing way too many. Even our values are under attack."

"We looked to Washington for leadership, but Washington has failed us."

"We've asked them to fix illegal immigration. They haven't."

"We've asked them to get the tax burden off our families and businesses. They haven't."

"We asked them to end our dependence on foreign oil. They haven't."

"We asked them to maintain high ethical standards. They haven't."

"We asked them to fix Social Security. They haven't."

"We asked them to stop spending money on pork barrel projects. We asked them to balance our budget. They haven't."

"We asked them time and time and time again, and they just haven't gotten the job done."

"You see, Washington is fundamentally broken, and we're not going to change Washington by sending the same people back just to sit in different chairs. I think it's time for the politicians to leave Washington and for the citizens to take over."

"It is time for a change in Washington, and here's some of the things we're going to do. First, we're going to strengthen our families. We'll make sure that every citizen in our country has affordable health insurance that they can't lose – private, free-market insurance, not socialized medicine, not Hillary-care. We'll make sure our kids have great schools. We'll treat teachers like the professionals they are, and we'll put our kids first and the unions behind. And to build strong families, we'll teach our kids that before they have babies, they should get married. So we'll strengthen our families."

"And we'll strengthen our military. We need more troops. We need better funding. We need better equipment. And we need better care for our veterans. Let's point out to all those who criticized President Bush that it's thanks to him that we've been safe these last six years. So strengthen our families and strengthen our military."

"And finally, we need to strengthen our economy. I spent my entire life in the real economy. I know why jobs come. I know why they go. I've been doing business in 20 countries around the world. I've run small business and large business. The economy is in my DNA."

"Many of the people across our country are worried about their retirement accounts. They wonder if they can pay for the college education of their child. They see their largest asset, their home value, dropping. Some wonder if their job is going to be secure in a new global economy. Americans wonder how they can afford the rising cost of health care, and gasoline, and taxes. These are real challenges."

"At a time like this, America needs a President in the White House who has actually had a job in the real economy. You see at a time like this, knowing how America works is more important than knowing how Washington works. The Democrats think that America's greatness flows from our government. They're wrong. The source of America's greatness is the American people – hard-working, innovative, risk-taking, family oriented, God-fearing, freedom-loving American people have always been the source of America's greatness, and they always will be. And so the right course for America isn't to strengthen our government, but to strengthen our people. And to do that, we're going to have to change Washington, and change will begin with us."

"This presidential election in November of '08 is not about yesterday, it's about tomorrow. It's not about re-fighting the battles of the past. It's about winning the future for our children and their children and for America. When you go home tonight, and you go and kiss your son or your daughter before you go to sleep, you can promise them that this generation will meet the challenges of our time. That we'll leave them a stronger America, and you can tell them to dream big because for the children of America, every dream will be possible."

Timotheus: So, it is on to Super Tuesday, and for me, California. So, on behalf of my wife, I say "Fight On!" And for me, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
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Now is the time for Gov. Romney to throw in the towel. Romney has had his political arse handed to him once again. Let's all rally around Sen. McCain and win this for the GOP. It is quite apparent that Gov. Romney just doesnt have what it takes to get the job done.

Mitt has an excellent message and we need to keep fighting through John McCain's lies to get it out there!

McCain will ruin our Constitution - Here is his straight talk on your first amendment rights: "I would rather have a clean government, than one where quote 'First Amendment rights' are being respected that has become corrupt."

Check out the full clip here:

Don't let McCain get away with his lies! We can challenge the Washington game by helping to get Mitt elected.

Mitt, you are my hero! Thank you for reminding us what this nation is all about. Thank you for being willing to have your voice be heard, and to speak for millions of us who may not feel like we have a voice in the public square. Go get 'em in the debate tomorrow night! Try to stay on the offense like you did last time, and you will come out on top. Californians will see right through McCain even though some Floridians were fooled by him.

This is awful just awful especially the 5 point loss. Mitt was gaining ground but McCain's name ID with seniors but him over the top. Another shocker,hispanics went with McCain. Huck staying in the race is going to hurt Mitt next Tuesday. The economy doesn't help Mitt as much as it would seem it should. My guess is republicans are more financially secure than the average person.

Mitt was just on morning Joe saying there was 10 million negative robo calls going out against him and distorting his record,especially on the war. It's especially discomforting coming from McCain who whined his way all through NH about negative ads.

This was a great speech! Mitt spoke from the heart, McCain had to read from a teleprompter...

Looking forward to tonight's debate.

Pandering to Cubans (their not Cuban-Americans by the way), McCain likely promised them Cuba after Castro's death. The robo-calls to Cubans and the endorsemetn from Cubans of every level gave McCain the election. Remove the Cuban vote, and Romney easily wins. Labeling Romney a "demagogue" Martinez reminded his constituates of Castro.

I graduated from a Cuban dominated high school in the 1980's. I brought a book about John Lennon to school one day. It was noticed by a large group of classmates, taken from me and shredded. Americans wouldn't do that.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 30, 2008 at 8:00 AM  

I was sick, I mean really sick. Then, Mitt gave his speech and I kind of felt ashamed. He worked his butt off and he's still got a long way to go, all the while acting as CEO of this ginormous enterprise that is a presidential campaign.

This is one supporter he will not have to worry about consoling or buttering up. I pulled myself together, went on, contributed and now I feel much better [under the circumstances]. He is the conservative firewall and HE KNOWS IT. Can't wait for the debate tonight!

Of COURSE McCain got the hispanic vote!!! Good heavens - I saw some illegals running through my yard this morning with "Juan McCain 2008" signs just this morning!!!! Viva L'Amnesty!!!!

Christal says...
Do not throw in the towel. You have educated the entire nation about the importance of focusing on jobs, energy, dangers of government spending, etc. Unfortunately, the other candidates have adopted your concepts. But, because they lack the vision they cannot implement the ideas. McCain is like the Chinese he can copy and steal ideas but he cannot invent and solve. I will not vote for McCain or Huckleberry. They want power and to play. I am sick of them. Our economy is going down the tube and they can only parrot ideas!

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