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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
posted by jason | 8:59 AM | permalink
Grassroots Campaign Against McCain.

While a lot of people seem to be resigning themselves to McCain, let's not be so fast. This is probably going to be one of the most exciting weeks of the race. Yes, McCain won big, but a McCainiac is largely mistaken to think it's wrapped up. McCain will have it wrapped up if we wins such a large amount of votes on Super Tuesday that he only needs a few more states to win. Should Romney and him come out with only 100-200 delegate count difference, than I really doubt it's over. And hey this isn't a pipe dream, Newt said as much yesterday on Fox.

Some advice for Mitt:

1. Tonight take McCain to task. Ask him questions on the economy. Put him uncomfortably on the spot. Expose his fundamental weakness. The fact he had no idea what Ron Paul was asking him shows that he knows virtually nothing about the economy. We know he doesn't like earmarks, but earmarks are not the economy last I checked. Steer the conversation to the substance that McCain could never compete. When McCain starts to talk about Flip Flop's quote him on his amnesty lies, and talk to no end about his last ditch effort of dishonesty. You won't win by answering the claims. People don't want answers that can't fit on a bumper sticker. If you want to beat McCain, ignore his attacks, attack back.

2. Spend money in New York and New Jersey. At this point you won't win them, but you can make McCain earn them. At most McCain might have 7-12 million, but I doubt that since he dumped a load on Florida. He is going to have to raise money this week, so force him to spend it on the places that are his strong points. Do tons of mailers, radio commercials, etc. Really focus on McCain's lies mentioned in number one.

3. By Forcing McCain to focus on those states, you can focus on the west and IL. Governor, you really need to do some grassroots efforts in IL. There is a whole team of conservative activists who will jump ship from Huckabee, if you will take 5 minutes to talk to them when you are here, you can win them. Some of them are real big fish. Does a grassroots activist have any reason to work for Huckabee at this point? No! I have no idea why you haven't done it. IL independents will be locked up with native-son Obama, since voters choose their party at the polling station. You can beat McCain with the conservative vote alone.

4. In terms of California. Spend your money up in San Fransisco area. Another area that is seemingly for McCain. McCain will need to spend money in NY, Chicago, and LA- very expensive markets. Since each congressional district is equally weighted with delegates, you get the same out of a congressional district in SF that you do in South Orange County. You'll win South Orange County, I don't think there is too much question about that. But by appealing to the swath of Economic Conservatives who make up the Republican profile in San Fransisco, you can win a large chunk of California delegates. You have to show you're the economic alternative to McCain. Oh yeah, and don't forget Amnesty in California. That goes without saying I guess.

This be a tough, yet like it or not, you are the last conservative left. A lot of people who wouldn't come near you in November have no choice but to pin their hopes on you this week. Show them you are worth it. Don't give them a reason to despair. Unleash the Mitt we have come to see these last couple weeks. The Mitt who vaulted to the top of Rasmussen ratings. All you need to do is stay viable through Feb 5th, a 100% possibility, and you can take McCain down March 4th in Texas.

If it doesn't work out, don't worry, MyManMitt will still be around in 2012 or 2016. Pretty positive McCain will get his clock cleaned in the generals, when he no longer has the MSM to pay the advertising bills.
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OK Folks Its Time for Less Crying & More Trying. Heres what we need to do to counter the Boost McCain will get from Florida & Rudy's dropping out. Please take not only the time to read this but to actually take the actions to get involved.

Hi Folks, Time to get the Grassroots growing!!

1st - Have you educated yourself on Mitt visit Mitts site
get on baord, get the campaign alerts! If you can Afford to make a donation twoards Mitts Campaign please give the campaign a boost.
Also check out the Blogs like ULTIMITT, PlanetRomney and CoMITTedtoRomney and get the latest on whats going on. (I am posting as Hooligan over there as well, so feel free to say Hi, if your on the boards!)

2nd - Have you talked to your friends & family about Mitt? I have been handing the following out, & sending this as a link its Very Informative for those that do not know much about Mitt.

Also try to get together with friends for the Debates, Mitt Hit the ball out of the Park on the last Debate on Economy Issues… No-one is Stronger than Mitt on either ticket for “08″ a point you can use for any Democrat friends you may have. Mitt is the Man to fix D.C. and get our economy back on track!!

3rd - Have you put a Mitt “08″ yard sign out yet? its Free advertising for the campaign!! Get the word out that Mitt has support in PA (for a challenge get other folks to get them out there as well!)

4th- have you put a bumper sticker for Mitt on you vehicle yet? Again Free advertising for the campaign!! let that bored driver in traffic behind you see where your support is.

5th Get yourself into some Mitt Gear , wear it when your out and about shopping, at your kids sporting events etc. This gets you into conversations where you can win over further support for Mitt!

6th - Bring other folks by the site here lets use it as a springboard!! Let get some bounce here for Mitt!!


We Need to get active NOW (it took me 5 days regular shipping to get my gear so do not procrastinate if you want your stuff before Super Tuesday)

I for one do not want to see our party go in a liberal / moderate direction the time is now to step it up my friends so lets give Mittt's Campaign a "Surge" of ground support and lets get it going now!!

If you have any other ideas, or comments please feel free to visit or submit comments at

Thanks a lot!!!

I'm from Illinois and please tell me what I can do to help Mitt Romney. That is, after I'm finished feeling blue, I will put my boots back on and get back to work.

Anyone know the situation in Maine? Caucusing starts Feb 1. As far as I know, Mitt is safe in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Utah - where else, besides what you covered so well above, might he focus? More to the point, what states would be best targeted for phone campaigns by volunteers?
Oh well - I'll push my family in NJ to pull the lever for Mitt, and I'll try to convince others in MA to do the same. The only way this could get worse is if McCain picks Huckabee for VP - non-conservatism plus theo-conservatism, just great.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 30, 2008 at 9:40 AM  

Jason is right on this morning. If McCain gets the nomination watch for a revengeful “swiftboater” group the likes of we have never seen before. There is so much stuff out there to use against him that has not even been toyed with by the press. There will be no contest the Dems will walk to gleefully rule over us. Big consequence for the nation.

The choice is now clearly between McCain, Romney, Obama, and Hillary.

Conservatives everywhere should take a careful look at those 4 options and consider in which candidate will the issues that are important to them live on.

this somewhat boring yet insightful youtube clip spells out very clearly the decision republicans must make:

It is very sad that FL screwed us twice - in 2000 and now. They screwed us because all the hatred towards Bush did not come from the war in Iraq but from the notion that he "stole" the elections in 2000.
People who could not distinguish between ballots 8 years ago casted their vote yesterday for an angry man. More than 20,000 Floridians (!) casted their vote for a candidate who is no longer a candidate for more than 10 days (Fred Thompson). So much for being informed.

Unfortunately, Mitt's strategy does not work, and the strategy that does not work is the one where Mitt is the nice, polite man. Mitt's only chance is to put on McCain's gloves and go at him with full force!! As negative (and TRUE!!) as he can. Forget being polite, forget being friendly. McCain trashed Mitt over the weekend with unbelievable lies and that's why he lost.
If you keep playing the nice guy it won't work.
And also, I believe that a "straight talk" with the media people themselves (for example - when on Fox and Friends in the morning, or with Britt Hume, it will not hurt Mitt to throw a little word suggesting that the Media should play a fair game, which they are not).
Go Mitt!!!
Just as we cannot afford Hillary's million ideas, we cannot afford Grumpy John.

From what I'm hearing on the radio this morning people are going, "wha- what???? You mean McCain might actually WIN the Nom?????" Hopefully this is a wake-up call to conservatives. We CAN win the Republican nomination AND the election!!!! GO MITT!!!!

Its not often you get to see suicide committed on television. But that is what happened last night in Fl. Rush was correct that a McCain nomination would destroy the Republican party. Bottom line a McCain guarantees an amnesty bill gets passed. It would have passed last year, but the congress became afraid of the "folks". However, if Mr. Amnesty McCain can get the nomination whether he wins or not, it tells the others that amnesty doesn't really matter. It says that talk radio and blogs may make noise but they don't have any real power. Of course once the bill is signed the GOP is no more, solid red states like NC which hasn't voted for a dem since 1976 will turn blue. The future doesn't look very bright, Hugh tries to paint a possible "fight the good fight" scenario, but the MSM will give McCain a huge bump out of FL and Mitt doesn't have the money to counteract it in 22 states. Plus the Rudy endorsement all but gives NY, NJ, and CT to McCain and he won't have to worry about spending money there; also McCain's support among Hispanics will give a large piece of CA along with its moderate GOPers. On top of which Huckabee is staying in to attack Romney and aid McCain in Southern states. I don't mean to be depressing, but you may be witnessing the end of the nation as we know it.

Well, I don't think Romney should buy time in NY, NJ or CT with Rudy's endorsement its over in that area.

I would spend the money on a super bowl ad. Yes its very expensive, however if he was the only one with an ad it would generate even more free media. The ads at the Super bowl are given almost as much coverage as the game. It would also say I'm here to stay.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 30, 2008 at 1:03 PM  

Okay. I'm not all that upset that it's McCain. I'm not a McCain
hater, I just can't get that much more excited about him than I am
about Dubya. I think that the endorsements pulled it out for McCain.
They probably had infrastructure in the key counties that swung
heavily his way. That's unfortunate for Romney. If those late
endorsements had gone for Romney, Romney would have won by a bigger
margin than McCain beat Romney.

I don't think Romney is going to lay down and roll over, but I think
he should turn much more gracious. No more pot shots at anyone.
Except Huckster. I don't really see an 'Anybody But McCain' crowd
coalescing around Romney. I just don't see it happening.

I hope that McCain eventually decides that Mitt is the best choice for
a VP pick. I would be equally excited about a McCain / Romney ticket.
In a debate with Hillary or Obama, if health care came up McCain
could play the commander 'I pledge to dispatch Mitt Romney to take
care of that.' or 'I've got a team put together to take care of
that.'... Plus Romney has the organization behind him that McCain just
doesn't have.

I think Huckster is angling for the VP slot too. He's not going to
throw in the towel and wants more delegates than Mitt Romney. He can
sort of make a better case for the VP slot since a) He took out Romney
in Iowa & b) He can arguably deliver the south.

McCain can play this in a way that I will be very happy with, and I
hope he does.

I don't see a path for Romney to get the nomination from here

Early voting has started in Arkansas. I just came from casting my vote for Mitt Romney. If I have to vote for McCain in November, it's going to make me physically ill. The country is missing out on an opportunity to have a president with the best credentials I've ever seen. It makes me sad to think of what America could be under a President Romney, when I see it slipping away. What are these people thinking! I don't get it! McCain is a hot-headed liberal in moderate clothing. Please America - wake up!!

By Anonymous Arkansas Voter, at January 30, 2008 at 1:26 PM  

Hi, Someone needs to question mcain about how he would increase our miltery? answer would be surprising. I heard him make the statement that he would open the draft back up. He said this before he started running. I dont think any american would approve of this. I hope that someone in mitt campane sees this and goes back and finds where he made the statement.

Anyone know how to find contact information for James Dobson. He ought to see what the implications are with a Mccain nomination for families. If he can come out and endorse Romney, that may make a difference.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 30, 2008 at 7:25 PM  

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