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Friday, September 14, 2007
posted by SteveT | 9:53 AM | permalink
At least that is Fred Thompson's voting history according to a new article by David Brody at CBN:

"The most stark example was his 1995 vote on the welfare overhaul, when he voted to preserve illegal aliens' ability to receive federal benefits. He was one of just six senators to vote that way, joining four other Republicans and one Democrat. "

He also voted against an employment verification system:

"And in 1996, as Congress considered a crackdown on illegal aliens, Mr. Thompson voted against setting up a system so employers could verify the legal status of their workers. "

Fred has a lot of explaining to do. When compared to Romney, the differences are clear. Mitt ran for governor in 2002 opposing bilingual education, and then after winning, he implemented a program making sure all kids were educated in English. His record also includes:

Opposing driver's licenses for illegals
Vetoing instate tuition for illegals
Developing a program to have state police enforce immigration laws

Romney is the only major pro-enforcement candidate in the race. The record could not be more clear.

Link to full Brody article:
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Am I the only one who has noticed that not only does Fred Thompson look old, Fred Thompson looks REALLY, REALLY old? When he was sitting across from Jay Leno, I kept thinking and wondering if anybody that Leno has interviewed ever looked SO old. And I kept wondering how the guy expected to live through the interview, let alone even 4 years of a Presidency, one of the most life-shortening jobs in America. So, imagine how old Thompson would look over 9 years from now when he would theoretically be finishing his second term. It brings pictures to my mind of Constantine or one of those ancient emperors who were so old and frail that they did all of their governing and made all of their decisions from their bed because they were too weak to get out of bed. Then again, Thompson is an actor, so maybe it’s just an act and he’s just pretending to look so old.

In fact, when Tom Tancredo drops out, Romney is the only guy I think he could honestly endorse.

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