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Monday, September 10, 2007
posted by jason | 12:09 PM | permalink

Contest for the best guess in the comments section.
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This is tough.

On the one hand, Rudy's got all this talk about "taking the high road". On the other hand, does anyone REALLY ever "go legit" after years in the business?

Then there's lazy Fred, who obviously hasn't fit into a cat burglar suit since the Nixon administration. Maybe he got his wife to do it while he had another Bud?

But this really seems right up old J-mac's alley, if it weren't for the fact that J-mac's ex-recon staff was recently seen waiting tables at a local TGIF in NH.

It was the Clintons. They fear romney the most. They've been up to this kind of stuff lately. Check out the following article:

Before I answer I would like some more information.
Was a golf cart seen in the area at the time of the break-in?


I believe we should ask the BPD to put out an APB on an old man in a Golf Cart with computer equipment.

I'm betting that any footprints left are a match for gucci loafers.

Brandon, that was just what I was going to suggest, so that is my vote.

Its a bit suspicious too that it happened on the eve of the Petraes hearing. Whoever did it knew it would be washed down the front page. Sound Clintonesque to me.

Can't be Fred. Can you imagine how much fabric it would take to make a cat-burgler suit that would conform to all those wrinkles?

Please don't go after people who don't have a history of this sort of thing, even in jest. Accuse the Clintons if you want(that website clearly showed they have a history of this behavior, Brandon P), but don't accuse Thompson of anything. Doing so is really below us. Don't forget that Thompson could be campaigning for Romney next year.

It was the paulistinians.....More laptops = more worthless online votes! The online world is doinated by these morons, imagine if they controlled all computers!!

I'm not sure we can point to any one culprit. I think is more likely the result of a vast left-wing conspiracy!

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