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Thursday, July 12, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:41 AM | permalink
Mitt has an op-ed in the New Hampshire Union Leader today reminding people of his basic vision: strong military, strong economy, and strong families. There are some great points that he makes. First about the war on jihadists:
All this talk of jihadists, Salafi Muslims, and the War on Terror makes Democrats like former Sen. John Edwards uncomfortable. He says the War on Terror is only a slogan. Tell that to the people in London, Glasgow, Bali, Malaysia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Israel, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.
Second about the global challenge to our economy:
Asia is emerging as a far more effective economic competitor than we have faced before. In the face of this challenge, Democrats shrink. They believe the American people cannot compete. However, in this global economy, the only choice is to compete. We must charge into the emerging Asian marketplace and invest in
our people and technology. Democrats fear the strength of others. Republicans believe in the strength of Americans.
Finally, about domestic fiscal policy:

Democrats talk about raising taxes on people. We talk about cutting spending by government. For Democrats, it is always government first, people last. In 2011, they plan a record-breaking income tax hike. When you take money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans and give it to government, you slow down the economy.

Conservatives rightly recognize that our fiscal problem is not that Washington is taxing too little, but that bureaucrats there are spending too much. Both parties share responsibility for all the earmarks, waste, duplication and failure to reform entitlements. I will also personally lead a top-to-bottom review of government programs, agencies, procurement and spending.
For us Mitt-watchers this is fairly common stuff. However, for the average citizen these are powerful ideas. We saw the reactions that the viewers of the last debate had when Mitt spoke about these things. The average citizen seldom hears the war against violent jihad put into anything other than the narrow prism of Iraq. Romney gives the struggle against jihadists its full scope. When seen in its full array, it is unthinkable that we would abandon the fight against them or relegate the continuing struggle to bumper sticker status.

Mitt’s ideas about government and the economy are also extremely powerful. Ordinarily we see politicians come to the same simple ideas that perpetuate government incompetence and economic stagnation. Mitt is different. His ideas about solving the deficit problem in Massachusetts, helping the uninsured get healthcare, and reducing the tax burden were innovative, creative, and effective. This type of thinking is not only attractive to voters as we look for true leadership, but is the type of thinking that can insure American success for generations.

It is continually refreshing and energizing to hear the bold ideas and principles that can defend our nation from attack, spur innovation and growth in the economy, and sustain our families and values.


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He calls a spade a spade, I can't stop sending money in the hopes someone this competent might possibly lead our country someday, I hope I hope I hope. . ..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 12, 2007 at 3:32 PM  

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