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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
posted by jason | 7:58 AM | permalink
Well the latest from the Quacks at MassResistance (The group that somehow forgets that the judiciary interprets the law and the Governor executes the law) is they are planning to take on National Review with a letter saying that Romney forced gay marriage on the population of Massachusetts's. MassResistance of course has put together a list of 22 family activist who are signing a letter that claims NRO is engaging in the Romney coverup.

What I find the most interesting is that when they last did a letter like this in November they had 44 grassroots they only have 22. Way to MassResistance! Of course that is no surprise either. Because I think many of them had not read any rebuttal to MR's pointless argument and when they had- my guess- they probably felt a little foolish for going along with the scheme.
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They folks at MassResistance are not too smart.
In fact, I think they are liberals who just pretend to be Conservative to make Conseervatives look bad.
I do suspect Fred Phelps love them.
Remember, if you have to lie to make your point, your point is not TRUE.

By Anonymous Georgia Mom, at July 11, 2007 at 8:41 AM  

So THAT's what MassResistance does! And all this time I thought they were some sort of weight loss group. Well, live and learn.

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