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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 2:24 PM | permalink
The Brody File has unearthed some quotes from Thompson circa 1996:

Thompson on the 1996 GOP party platform:
"It's the most useless device I've ever heard of,' Thompson said during a recent visit to Memphis."
Frankly, a lot of people might agree with him on this issue. Especially for how weak it is right now on issues like immigration.

Thompson on abortion:
"Does Anyone Remember What Was In The Last , Except Abortion? … If We Get Caught Up In Having A Platform Debate And Stuff Like That, We Deserve To Lose."
Later, quoting from a 1996 August piece:
U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson says he seldom hears about abortion in campaign travels throughout Tennessee and hopes the issue is downplayed at the Republican National Convention. The Tennessee Republican, a pro-choice defender in a party with an anti-abortion tilt, is preparing for next week's convention in San Diego. He said the party must avoid distracting issues and focus on electing Bob Dole as president. 'We need to concentrate on what brings us together and not what divides us,' Thompson said in an interview with The Tennessean published Tuesday.
and this:
In 1996, Thompson Said Republican Ideals Don't Need To Be Written Down Into Platform. "Thompson said he opposes making early-term abortions a crime, as some Republicans would like to do with a constitutional amendment. 'But I don't think you should bolt on one issue. I'm still not convinced platforms are a good idea. We know what we believe in and I don't think we need to write it all down in a document,' Thompson said.
Brody concludes:
On the abortion issue, it seems pretty clear that Thompson felt abortion was more of a distraction to the party. You get the sense that he saw it as divisive and something to avoid or downplay at the convention. Pro-lifers will take issue with that. I know Thompson's defenders will point to his stellar pro-life record in the Senate.
I should note that the source of the quotes that David cites is probably from opposition research given the capitalization of some of the sentences. Just an observation.

Fred did have a very good record on abortion issues in the Senate (just as Romney had a very good record as Governor on the same issue).


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Fred Thompson, if he learns how to pull the trigger, will become known as the "HO UM" candidate.
He is a combination of "Ho Hum" atttitudes towards everything that is important to me and an "UM" filled speach pattern that is flat out embarrasing.
He is much better on paper than in person.

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at July 11, 2007 at 10:56 PM  

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