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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 1:52 PM | permalink
It just hit the wires:

FAST FACTS About Romney For President's $20.5 Million Second Quarter Total:

  • Amount Raised In Primary Contributions In The Second Quarter: $14 Million
  • Total Amount Raised In Primary Contributions For The Year: Approximately $35 Million
  • In The Second Quarter, Governor Romney Loaned $6.5 Million To Romney For President.
  • Total Amount Of Revenue For The Entire Year: $43.9 Million
  • Cash On Hand: $12 Million
  • Total Number Of Donors In The Second Quarter: More Than 80,000 (Nearly 50,000 New Donors And 150% Increase From The First Quarter)
  • Contributions Received From All 50 States And Washington, D.C.
  • NO General Election Money Collected.
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  •$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Digg$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Fark:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Furl:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Ma.gnolia:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Netscape:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • NewsVine:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Reddit:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Slashdot:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • StumbleUpon:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • TailRank:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • Technorati:$20.5 Million for Q2!
  • YahooMyWeb:$20.5 Million for Q2!

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Mitt has lost my vote...Scooter deserved prison, you lie & pay the time. He is no better than the rest of us, public servant and all.

Sorry Mitt

You BLEW IT!!!!!

$14 Million for Q2!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 3, 2007 at 2:49 PM  

It appears that Giuliani raised $2M for the general election, so the apples to apples comparison is Giuliani $15M and Romney $14M. I'll take that. Doesn't hurt for Romney to be able to drop in millions at will, either.,,-6755456,00.html

Lost your vote? You guys who come in here and drop similar comments are entertaining, but not at all convincing!

Whom were you voting for before Mitt's comments on Scooter? Mitt? I doubt it. Mitt has so much going for him you'd be nuts to switch your vote on the basis of his Scooter comments alone. But perhaps you are just that--nuts!

Really impressive fundraising. What is apparent in comparing Romney and Giuliani is that Romney is running with Giuliani, which is no small feat, mind you. There are a lot of Republicans out asking for money. Giuliani has a lot of star power and probably a much higher speaking fee to begin with. So, I am duly impressed. What is clear though is we need to breath a collective breath and get to work again.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 3, 2007 at 6:16 PM  

Mitt's $ numbers may actually be ahead of Rudy's, since Rudy was also raising money for the general election. Still Mitt needs to tap a broader base. He should start to pull away and do well when FDT stops running his stealth campaign and actually exposes himself to public scrutiny.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 3, 2007 at 7:52 PM  

Anonymous 7:52 -

Giuliani raised $15M for the primary. Mitt raised $14M. See my comment above.

Judy said, "Mitt has lost my vote...Scooter deserved prison, you lie & pay the time. He is no better than the rest of us, public servant and all.

Sorry Mitt

You BLEW IT!!!!!
By judy w" ....
Judy, Judy, Judy....Are you going to "pay the time" for LYING that you were ever going to vote for Romney?


By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at July 4, 2007 at 8:06 AM  

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