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Saturday, November 8, 2008
posted by My Klob | 11:07 AM | permalink
Reasons to agree
  1. We live in a world were millions of middle-age minded people would like to destroy America. We could throw away all our weapons, and fight them with bronze spears. However diverse modern populations, with equal rights for minorities, that promote civil rights, a free press, the rule of law, and invests in education, health-care, etcetera... these societies are going to have a technological advantage. Those societies that work hard, educate their public, that work efficiently, and allow their women to be productive members of society... those societies that embrace science, reason, law, and education... these societies are the best care-takers of the future. Human histories are full of war. We live in a time when dictators still build statues to themselves, and enslave their populations. Therefore it is important that modern societies have modern weapons. 
  2. Societies that use irrational extremism to motivate their geneses to build weapons for them will never be as stable as multi-party democracies, with the rule of law. Hitler forced a lot of scientist to work for him, and they built some very cutting edge plains. They almost beat the free world to building the nuclear bomb. If they had succeeded, we would all have been speaking German. But in the long run, many of these scientist wore forced to work for Germany. Those that could escape to the west (like Einstein who fled Europe when he saw the Nazis come to power) fled to the free world. In the long run, good modern societies, are going to have smart people want to be a part of them. This is part of why our immigration policy should be used to recruit the brightest people from all over the planet, and try to get them to stay here in America. 
  3. Patriotism, love of democracy, and the desire for peace are not the only things that would inspire smart people to build great weapons. Religious fanatism can also motivate smart people to build new weapons. Perceived injustices, nationalism, money, and misinformation perpetuated by a state-ran media, can all be used by power hungry governments to motivate their scientist. But scientist who are stupid enough to be manipulated will never build weapons that are as good as the scientist who are willing to work for the causes of freedom, democracy, equality, and a pursuit of rational justice. 
  4. Evil people are going to develop future combat systems. If we enjoy life, and want our children to be free, we have to build better weapons. 
  5. Evil people don't build weapons because good people do. But good people have to build weapons because evil people do.
Movies that disagree
  1. Iron Man's main character, Tony Stark, closes his weapons business before he found out how evil that one guy was. 
  2. Almost every movie today disagrees. The 2nd Batmat had an evil weapons dealer. Their was that movie "Lord of War", with a guy just like Tony Stark who was a weapons dealer. 
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This is unrelated to the topic but relates to California's Prop. 8 which we have mentioned multiple times on this blog.

My take is that you can tell a lot about a person or a group by those who attack that person or group. And to be attacked by certain people or groups is not always a bad thing. Mormons probably wear as a badge of honor all of the bashing by the foaming-at-the-mouth gay activist types & their supporters.

I almost feel that certain Evangelicals, Baptists, and such are probably quite jealous. A lot of them don't like Mormons either. And they are all just as opposed to gay marriage as Mormons. It just appears that in the Prop 8 race, the Mormons seem to be the group that did the best in putting their money where their mouth is.

Let's not forget though that gay marriage bans have been passed by voters throughout the United States - including in Arizona & in Florida on Tuesday. And in Florida, Constitutional Amendments need 60% to pass.

I would think that those who think they are gay should be more upset at Baptists & voters in Arkansas than Mormons anyway, because Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved a voter initiative the bans gay people from adopting by making sure that any person who adopts a child is married.

I bet many Mormons could even see scenarios where allowing a gay person to adopt a child is better than having nobody take care of the child at all.

But of course, Mormons are the only enemy for those who think they are gay. And according to the genius who wrote this post Blacks are also the enemy because they also voted their convictions in California.

The only bigotry I've seen since the Election is from people who think they are gay & their supporters bashing Mormons for fighting for what they believe is clearly stated in the Bible.

I'm surprised that nobody on here has attempted to defend Mitt Romney when it comes to the smears out on the blogosphere about Romney people being the ones who are spreading the vicious rumors about Sarah Palin.

What I would ask is: Who has the most to lose if Palin gains in popularity?

Well it's not Mitt Romney. Romney has to worry more about Bobby Jindal who will attract the same base as Romney. The Romney & Jindal bases are those who are seeking after an extremely competent chief executive who has a strong resume in turning around things. Both Mitt & Bobby are also social conservatives. So, it would make more sense for Romney and his supporters to be afraid of Bobby Jindal.

Sarah Palin is also a conservative governor but her base of support is evangelical Christians. Which other candidate this year wanted to be the "CHRISTIAN LEADER?" Oh, that's right! Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee has the most to lose with the rise of Sarah Palin. Huckabee is also one of the most extreme cases of self promoting, devious politicians I have ever seen. Huckabee's campaign Chair just happened to be Chip Saltsman who then went to work at the top of the McCain camp. He could easily be one of the unnamed McCain campaign sources attacking Palin. Saltsman is also now trying to become head of the RNC. I would think that Saltsman wants his boy Huckabee to be the next nominee so that Saltsman can get repaid big time.

So, why not attack Sarah Palin on one hand while floating the rumor that it was Romney's camp doing the attacking? Huckabee could be trying to kill two birds with one stone here. Huckabee proved to be a big FAT (before his liposuction) liar throughout the campaign. Huckabee has attacked the Club for Growth as the Club for Greed & has attacked people who support strong border enforcement as racists. Huckabee has attacked everybody who got in his way throughout his career. He is an immature liberal idiot who thinks he’s a Republican only because he opposes abortion.

I think that it is pro-Huckabee people who are floating the anti-Palin rumors. McCain people just make McCain look dumb for having chosen Palin if they attack her for not being ready. But Huckabee has the most to gain in attacking Governor Palin. Huckabee's also the reason why Romney didn't win the nomination with his anti-Mormon smears. He will do whatever it takes to take out his opponents. He even went far enough to push hard against Mitt being put on the Republican Ticket out of jealousy. I hate Huck! He's the lowest form of life on the planet.

Amen, Zeus, Amen. If Huckabee rises to any level of power on the national GOP stage, I will vote for Mickey Mouse. I cannot stand that man.

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