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Friday, November 7, 2008
posted by jason | 11:18 AM | permalink
Romney gave a great interview to Fortune Magazine/CNN which can be viewed here. I think is one of Romney's best interviews actually, everyone should read it.

Here are a few excerpts:

Any management advice for the next president? How does he rally a depressed nation to meet the challenges we face?

He should forget entirely about reelection and focus solely on helping the nation at a critical time. He should dismiss the people who helped him win the election and bring in people who are above politics and above party. He should surround himself with statesmen and economists, businesspeople and leaders. In some ways it would be beneficial if our presidency consisted of only one term. That way the President would think about his legacy and the future of the country rather than reelection and partisanship.

How likely do you think that's going to happen?

In his second term, President Clinton made an effort to govern more from the center than from the extreme wing of his party, and by doing so, found greater support and greater political success. Perhaps it's a paradox, the less political the agenda, the more political success one enjoys. But now is not the time for partisanship opportunism.

The unions have helped Barack Obama. They will hope to be paid back. I'm particularly concerned that organized labor would call on Barack Obama to pass the card check program. This removes from American workers the right to the secret ballot in deciding whether or not to accept a union. This legislation would do more to harm America's long-term competitiveness than almost anything I can imagine. It would be a partisan payback for organized labor but it would come with devastating consequences for the nation.

Given your Michigan roots and what your father accomplished turning around the American Motors Corporation in the 1950s, what do you think is the future of the auto industry?

Right now, the auto industry is on life support, and its prospects look extremely dim. But they don't need to be. The industry could be turned around. There is no inherent reason why America can't build and sell cars to Americans at least as well as the transplants are doing. Any effort to help the auto industry has to be made as part of a comprehensive strategy. Before the government issues loans to the auto industry, as has been authorized by Congress, it should insist on seeing credible and independent strategies that will return the companies to long-term sustainability. Government should not finance ongoing losses and declining market shares.


When you talk about making America more competitive, what do you have in mind?

First, America must substantially improve our education system. We've fallen behind, particularly in areas of math and science.

Second, we're going to have to remedy our disproportionate health care cost disadvantage. America spends far more than any other nation as a percent of GDP on health care. This effectively is an enormous tax on the economy and on our businesses.

Third, our national debt is excessive and our entitlement obligations pass a massive burden onto the next generation.

Fourth, tax and regulatory policies weigh down our ability to compete. Specifically, our products carry an embedded tax which makes American goods less competitive abroad and at home.

Fifth, America's apparent retrenchment from the concept of open, free and fair trade could put us further behind other nations that are aggressively seeking trade relations around the world.

Sixth, our lack of an effective energy policy drains our economy by approximately half a trillion dollars a year.

And, finally, the blow that Wall Street has taken may make us less competitive in financing entrepreneurship.


Do Americans need to save more and adjust to a lower standard of living? In other words, should be buying houses we can actually afford?

I think a President has to be an educator- in-chief as well as a commander-in-chief. The American people need to understand the challenges we face. And the American people need to understand that they, like the nation, need to live within their means. Both have been spending more than they have been taking in. It puts the nation at risk. And it puts families at risk.

There's a period of adjustment that's occurring right now as American families deleverage and employers deleverage. It's time for the government to finally address our severe debt burden, before it leads to even more severe consequences. I'm referring not only to our annual deficit and national debt but also to our obligations under entitlement programs like Social Security
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This is a bit unrelated to any topic on here, but it's still important. Chip Saltsman better not win the race for RNC Chair!

That's the same guy who ran Mike Up-Chuck-abee's Presidential campaign & thought it was a good idea to tout the dumbass Mike Huckabee as qualified to be President because he was THE "CHRISTIAN LEADER."

Saltsman proved to be as religiously bigoted against Mormons as his candidate the moron Mike Up-Chuck-abee was.

I also can't think of a single positive thing that Saltsman added to the McCain Campaign once he joined the campaign. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was Saltsman who has been leaking all of those negative rumors about Governor Palin in order to help his "floating cross denying candidate" win in 2012.

Btw, Up-Chuck-abee didn't raise taxes & didn't call people who support stronger border security racists. Yeah right!

I choose guilt by association on this one. And I give that jerk Saltsman a big thumbs-down to lead the RNC along with anybody else even remotely involved in the Up-Chuck-abee Campaign!

This interview shows precisely why Romney needs to be in the White House. I have yet to see a candidate that has better experience, education and intelligence. My impression of Romney has been that he is willing to take a balanced, rational view of a situation, and that impression seems to be justified in his advice to Obama.

Social Security is not an "entitlement." Working people paid into Social Security for many, many years. It's just getting a return (and a bad one) on investment. The problem is that our government didn't keep SS money in a separate account that was invested in completely safe securities where it could have grown for future generations.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 23, 2009 at 2:58 PM  

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