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Tuesday, November 4, 2008
posted by jason | 1:35 PM | permalink
...and this was exactly what my mission was like. I loved walking into peoples homes and sifting through their belongings and tearing up things. Especially with a sinister laugh.

But I never got the cool "Enforcement Division" badge. That would have have made my job a bit easier.

A couple thoughts:

1. These missionaries were in the wrong, since Missionary rules dictate that elders shouldn't go into homes where they are the only male. I am just thankful the cameras caught this.

2. I actually did teach two good looking lesbians on my mission, one was Mormon and the other wanted to join, but they moved away or something. Needless to say, our first visits had a lot of parallels.
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What a joke! Its more like don't let the government take over your church.

I was a missionary as well, and served a brief stint in Southern California while waiting for my visas to go to Spain. This is an absolutely gross misrepresentation of the kind of work missionaries do.

That aside, the complaint about the Church spending 20 million dollars of voluntarily donated funds to pass Prop 8 is laughable, in light of the 70 million dollars of teacher's union contributions appropriated to fight Prop 8. Context is a real bugger on this one.

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