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Friday, October 3, 2008
posted by jason | 10:47 AM | permalink
Cross posted with a few minor modifications from

In the primaries most of you know I was a huge Romney supporter (still am) who made the mistake of agreeing to be on his Faith and Values Steering Committee. I doubt I would agree to do something like that again. Why? Because it really removed my ability to call things as I saw them. Every time I wrote something that was at all criticizing of Mitt people who hated Mitt would talk as if the tables have turned on Mitt and those who like him immediately supposed my motives where to get some air time or something self-indulging.

It’s pretty silly really. When I wrote the post Romney’s Fork, I had a lot of responses, including the Wall Street Journal using my writing to fill up about two-thirds of one of their articles about Mitt supporters unhinged. Believe me, there was no joy in any of that. I didn’t want it publicized everywhere; I just wanted the people I write to and with to have some different angles to consider. There is always someone wanting to exploit I guess.

I sincerely doubt that most in our party who write negative posts about McCain or Palin do it to become noticed or because they want to throw and anchor to a drowning man. Sometimes criticism of those we support is the best thing they can hear. You disagree? Then why do we a have a first amendment? To allow us to cheer for our party’s leaders louder? No, it’s tell our leaders what we expect, whether we like them or not.

I am going to go out on a limb here, and extrapolate that our Founding Fathers saw criticism as a net positive. Call me crazy. Sometimes good people still are inclined to hand constituents and supporters crap sandwiches, which is apparently what a lot of the party think McCain was doing, both in his handling of Palin and bail out.

There are a lot of things I enjoy about the sport of Politics. But there are a lot of things I don’t. One of them is the constant impugning of peoples motives when they decide to take a popular idea to task within the party. Another would be the idea it’s bad to say our VP did so-so among the people whom we need to win over even though she threw the base more red meat than one could devour in a night. Maybe that’s because I don’t think the world is made solely of black and whites, but instead Black and White with huge amount of grays in between that Human’s will never (at least in this life) be able to authoritatively declare what is black and what is white. It’s a complex world with more angles than our own.

So to those who don’t like negative talk or criticism of our candidates, I say relax. If McCain and Palin are really that fantastic they will hold up and perhaps learn from their folleys…which all candidates have.
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Agreed! Critics are useful when their criticism is used appropriately. We have a gang of specific Democrats that critic just to critic cause it isn't their agenda being pushed. That is what has brought us to grid lock in government. This is when the one giving the criticism needs to ask themselves "Am I doing whats best for myself and the country? Or am I doing what is best for myself and a specific group?" It works similar to an algorithm to keep knuckleheads in government in line.


It sounds like you might be taking some of the criticism of your Palin remarks too personally. I cannot speak for others, but that was not my motive.

I know as little about Governor Palin as everybody else does. I saw McCain picking her as a huge political risk, but I could also see where the potential for payoff was. And it was a direct response by McCain to Obama's lousy VP selection.

McCain takes those risks, many times unnecessarily. We all hoped that he knew what he was doing with Palin. But there were other choices who we did know would have been utterly unacceptable. Joe Lieberman - the last time a Republican chose a Democrat as his running mate, that Republican (Lincoln) was soon shot to death after the beginning of his second term & the Dem was so bad that he got impeached by the Republican Congress for his repeated vetoes of Republican plans for the Reconstruction of the South. We could not risk it.

Giuliani is a great speaker, but would have also torn the Republican Party asunder. The pro-life platform of the Republican Party is of absolute importance. I'd rather lose an Election to than lose the soul of the Party.

Mike Up-Chuck-abee, a verifiable religious bigot & a "social conservative" who's an even bigger fiscal socialist than the current President who has grown the federal gov't by levels that liberals 8 years ago could have hardly dreamed of with Al Gore. Up-Chuck-abee's only qualification was that he actually thinks he is the Son of God.

Yes, Romney would have been a good choice. Although, you said you didn't want this. There were many reasons why he would have been excellent. But Romney had said many things (true things of course) during the course of a normal campaign attacking McCain, and those could have come back to bite McCain in the butt.

Most everybody else were lightweights & wouldn't have added much to the Ticket, a.k.a. Jack Kemp re-dux. Obviously, we're not getting our top candidate on the Republican side with John McCain. But McCain was #2 in my book out of the list of Presidential candidates.

The Dems, on the other hand, passed Hillary, who was obviously their most talented Presidential candidate & would have made the best President out of their side in favor of someone who probably ranks right above Dennis Kucinich and right below Joe Biden.

My point with all of this is that McCain could have done a heck of a lot worse than picking Governor Palin & her pick politically, since Obama snubbed Hillary (or Kathleen Sebelius) and hence all women in general, was very Machiavellian.

We cannot control the things that McCain does. He could have stood up to Bush and voted against a bailout filled with earmarks (I thought that he was going to name the names and veto bills with earmarks). He could have voted against a bill that the American public loathes. But he didn't. McCain could have not tried to pull his Knight in White Armor stunt and threaten to miss the first debate. He frankly looked like a coward to many people, and I gave up trying to justify why he said he wouldn't show up to the debate.

So, back to Palin. Her debate performance was excellent. I could live the rest of my life without hearing the term "maverick" again, but if Obama says "change" one more time, I might also blow a gasket.

But Palin's performance Thursday night, allows McCain to re-jump start a campaign that he is personally responsible for what Rush Limbaugh suggested could have only been explained as self sabotage by McCain.


I should have clarified, this post is a cross post where the topic has been heated since several writers there have been critical of MCCain and Palin. I put something at the top so people know.

Is Romney's political career over? Will he ever run for president again? Will people actually prefer a backwoods villager like Palin to someone so established like Romney???

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 7, 2008 at 3:45 PM  

I don't care what anyone else says, really I don't. I am so full of despair. The Republican party made a huge mistake in not choosing Romney. Then McCain made a huge mistake in not choosing Romney. I'm tired of all of the mess. It's just getting worse. I'm not going to vote. That's right. I'm going to help Obama by not voting. No, I'm not. I am just exercising my right to refuse to take part in the downfall of my country by voting for either one of these men; they are both disasters for this country as far as I'm concerned. I'm out of this mess.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 21, 2008 at 2:54 AM  

Not to worry. McCain's choice of Palin shows how irrelevant he has become. His lack of making a sound choice in times of critical junctures is appalling and evident of an old, tired and washed man.

Palin, is a lightweight who does not understand her own stupidity. Mind you, she can't be faulted for that,since many Republicans who both support her and form the lowest common denominator within the Party, cannot distinguish this difference either.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 21, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

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