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Thursday, September 25, 2008
posted by jason | 12:09 AM | permalink
And I am not talking about Couric, I am talking about Palin.

Yeah, I get the fact that Couric was asking Gotcha questions and did a bit of a cut and paste job on the interview. But did Palin expect anything less?

I was initially happy with McCain's pick for VP, but I gotta be honest, this isn't anything to be proud of. I mean, are we really trading intelligence and coherence for excellent hunting skills and a good outside shot?

I have read several comments and posts about Palin being the best positioned for 2012. If this is the future of the Republican party, we will certainly long for the days of the academic prowess of George W. Bush.
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You're probably being a bit overly critical here. I think that she was calm & cool in the interview. She was a bit slow in responses during the walking part of the interview, but still her answers were genuine.

I don't think this interview will hurt her the slightest bit. It might even endeer her to some people.


And one other thing, have you seen anything that Biden has said recently?

If so, then you should know that we have nothing to worry about.

I really think McCain is increasingly regretting he choose Palin.
He is going to regret it even more if she is the VP for 4 years if he wins.
I can't imagine her being the Republican nominee in 2012.
I feel sorry for her, but it's obvious McCain doesn't trust her.

I really don't feel good about the coming election no matter which side wins.

I love Mitt also but gee whiz! If it were that bad I think the media would have her by now. I am going to stop getting your emails today.

My sentiments exactly. I've tried to get on board with the choice of Palin, but the more I see of her, the more sick to my stomach I feel. How depressing.

No kidding .. this was pathetic; painful to watch. When someone makes Couric look like a Rhodes Scholar -- you've gotta wonder -- ".. he's a Maverick .." besides using the same example that Katie has already mentioned, that's the only thing she can come up with?? And her always just repeating her own exact words over and over when asked for an answer with more depth. This is just embarassing. If she can't even make a good showing with Katie, how is she going to look with Biden .. or Clinton .. whoever it might be at the time of the VP Debates. No wonder McCain is trying to severely limit the scope of the VP Debate. When are both of these loser nominees going to get a VP that actually can make their party look good .. oh that's right .. they're Senators .. all about #1; gotta pick someone that is so bad that they make themselves look good. Never liked Palin for this level of office, particularly not now. Has anyone noticed how much McCain has aged in just the last few months? The last couple of press conferences of his -- he looks like he could be in his 80's. sigh.

Maybe she needed her basketball hightops on to be quick on her feet. She certainly wasn't moving very quickly in high heels. Couric ate her alive and she looked terrible. Doesn't necessarily change the fact that she has a record of doing the right thing for the people she serves. Just a tough, gotcha interview from a pro-Obama, anti-Palin journalist. Anyone can structure an interview with questions which they know will be tough to answer. McCain still the best candidate for this election and Romney still the best for 2012. I don't think Palin will run for President.


I am not sure if "genuine" automatically translates into "qualified". If this was a race for "best friend" perhaps. But we need something in addition to genuine, such as articulate and knowledgeable.

McCain always stated his top criteria in choosing a running mate was that the person would be capable and ready to take over as POTUS if needed. Once again, we see McCain getting a wild hair and just doing WHATEVER TO TRY TO GET ELECTED. I’m so disgusted with all the nominees for this election. What a joke! Jason, you said it so well: “are we really trading intelligence and coherence for excellent hunting skills and a good outside shot?” Well, apparently so!


Once again, I don't think this interview is anywhere near as dire as what you're making it out to be. She didn't just give answers to give answers. She didn't pretend like she knew the answers to questions to which she wouldn't know the answers.

The problem isn't necessarily hers. It is McCain's. From the second that I knew she was going to be the Vice Presidential nominee, I said that she has a very short learning curve. I also thought that it was very risky, although it could prove to be a very good move.

Her learning curve for the national stage could prove to be the shortest in history. But even Romney sounded way better as his campaign went on. His first speeches were very bland & with time he did a lot to perfect his delivery. That's just how campaigns go.

Palin isn't afforded that time to work through things. It's also a lot harder when you're talking on someone else's behalf & not for yourself. McCain's campaign manager could endlessly reveal every McCain position on every issue with pinpoint accuracy. As could many of his longtime supporters, but they have been with McCain for at least 8 years & some of them since he got to the Senate.

I don't support Palin any less as the VP because of this interview. And she really didn't make any major mistakes in it either. Not like Biden who just this week said that they wouldn't support new clean coal plants in the US (exactly the opposite of Obama's position) or Biden who also said that he thought Obama's 'McCain doesn't use a computer ad' was "terrible."

Palin is at least staying on message. And she will definitely grow as a candidate. Plus, the media isn't flipping out about her performance with Couric, so I see no need to either.

She will not know everything about every single vote that McCain has taken. And I'm sure that Obama's campaign hasn't even finished with their sifting through McCain's 24 years of votes either.

Palin would have to do a lot more than this video, which isn't even a negative in my mind, for me to jump ship.


Learning curves happen, but I don't know if they are a good reason to pick a running mate who is less than qualified.

In my opinion, the bottom line at some point needs to be looked at. And he bottom line is with 60 some odd days left till voting day our VP is not ready for prime time.

Saying she is not as bad as Biden is like saying she only has to suck a little less. It's not encouraging news.

I liked Palin a lot, even a year ago I touted her as a good pick for Mitt's possible VP choice, but as I have seen her in action she just isn't VP material. Perhaps in 4 or 8 years.


She will be a great VP because at the sharp point of her focus is what is best for the American People. She ALWAYS comes back to that. Quizzing her on John McCain's voting record and past Senatorial decisions is trying to cause a "gotcha" moment but does not show what she is really made of, nor does it show that she is not ready to LEAD.

She is smart and knows how to make things happen for the good of the people. She has proven this in Alaska---that she is a LEADER, and will do what is best for the American people. There will be tons of advisors and cabinet members and other experts to help McCain and Palin on tough decisions and in areas where they are not well versed---but it will be the overriding philosophy of Sarah (and McCain) that will guide this country. What we elect as President is a LEADER, not an encyclopedia.

On second and third viewing she actually seems very very good!!! As a new Yorker I think I understand now that the problem the east and west coast intelligeencia is having on initial listen is the accent. The substance is excellent - as is the actual language - her sentences. You are wrong ye critics. Wrong.

To many conservative elites are laughing at her and she is making voters genuinely nervous. I think she will continue to pull the ticket down.

Yeah I think you're just wrong here. I liked her more after the interview. You're just used to Romney-like competence, I don't know if you realized, but that type of intelligence and mastery of the facts doesn't come along every day. Obama talks gibberish, Biden epitomizes gibberish, McCain is barely holding on to lucidity and the facts. Palin is a novice, but has executive experience and her heart is definitely in the right place.

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