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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
posted by jason | 8:39 PM | permalink
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The country sure could use Mitt Romney and his expertise to get us out of this mess.

It's really sad that it's too late to get Romney this cycle.

I really hope both sides of the isle get smart real soon and use the wise people in America, like Romney, to work on this problem.

How I wish Mitt were the nominee. I trust his analysis of the problem and know he would be able to steer us through this mess. I hope he stays visible and tells it like it is without worrying about rallying around the party line. People will remember him with gratitude if he does.

I agree 100%.
This would be a great opportunity to keep Mitt's name out there, and then a great chance to win in 2012 if Obama is elected, or if McCain only goes one term (very likely).

However, the economic situation is so bad, it may be difficult even for the Governor. The only bad thing that could happen is that if something goes wrong, the Liberals use it against him.

Governor Romney is a smart man though, he'll make the right choice one way or the other.

Romney has enormous experience in
financial markets. He created his own financial company and built it into a multimillion dollar operation. He understands how they work, what went wrong, and what needs to be done to fix the situation and see that it doesn't happen again. Time and again he has turned around badly managed companies and the Winter Olympics into profitable healthy operations.

I can't think of a more prepared
individual that has the knowledge
and experience to get us out of this mess.

It's too bad that people get blind-sided by religion, "flip-flops" hair styles, and don't focus on the
truly important factors i.e. experience and integrity.

I voted for Mitt in the Primaries and all I got was this Hockey Mom

"ROMNEY: By the way, I think John McCain is right to say, look, if the Federal Reserve steps in or the Treasury steps in rather and keeps a bank from going bankrupt, we better not watch this CEO pay himself a $10 million bonus and so we're going to limit how much these guys can take out of these banks because we're not saving it for them."

This is awful! Those guys are under contract! As Dave Ramsey said, they have a right to be paid under the contract according to the rule of law. What a politically motivated thing to say that's so far from being the most important issue of this debate! What's a few million when we're talking almost a trillion dollars of bailout and government debt?

This government takeover is the move of a government tilting toward socialism/communism as a result of people's fear of economic hardship. Roosevelt did the same thing to justify his socialist New Deal program.

I can't believe Romney would be for a government takeover like this, unless it's because doing otherwise would force him to oppose McCain, which he really doesn't want to do.
Romney's clearly not a true blue capitalist or economic conservative if he talks like he did on the Glenn Beck show. Mostly all the conservative talk show hosts have been opposed to this from the start, and the fact that Romney's not opposed to this government takeover shows a huge disconnect between him and card carrying conservatives.

Romney's comments are a betrayal to free market capitalism.

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