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Monday, September 22, 2008
posted by Timotheus | 3:03 PM | permalink
McCain gave a shout out to Romney in remarks about the Wall Street bailout plan. This is the appeal of Romney in many ways. While Democrats like to paint him as corporate raider, when the economy really is tanking, competence in economic matters is more important than silly rhetoric.
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If John McCain wants to assure the voters that he would be the best to fix the economy, he should announce that Mitt Romney would be appointed the highest economic post in a McCain administration and campaign in the Battleground states with him. Mitt Romney is the only republican that was really a threat to the Dem's in the early days of the primaries, since they knew that the economy is going to be the Number 1 issue in this election, and Romney was the only one with the experience record, and credibility to turn things around building a strong economy.

So, if McCain wants to bring confidence to the campaign and assure the American people that unlike Obama, he will actually CHANGE the current status and bring reform to America, Mitt Romney is the Game changer, Romney will do a terrific job in defending Mccain as he is doing in the media since he endorsed Mccain,assuring the People that a Mccain administration will fix this crisis build a better economy and bring a better future to this country we so love.

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