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Thursday, February 7, 2008
posted by Jon | 2:36 PM | permalink
UPDATE: Bear has video and still shots from Mitt's CPAC address.

Kenny Rogers put those famous words to music many years ago. Bob Seger more aptly advised that the trick was “never play the game too long”.

Mitt took to the CPAC stage tonight and put an end to his 2008 run for the Oval. I was sitting in the very back of the room during his speech – surrounded by fellow Mitt-backers. We listened to a few speeches which were more like book reports until about 1:30 when Laura Ingraham introduced Mitt.

If I ever run for elected office, I want Laura Ingraham to be my Press Secretary. But I digress.

With the possible exception of his Religion in American speech, Mitt gave the best speech of the campaign – all other candidates included. He hit all the high conservative notes. He spoke of America being the best ally Peace can or ever will know. He spoke of the importance of the family, and most importantly about the value of fathers in the home.

He warned about the dangers of dependency and how it can kill initiative and destroy the American culture and how it (dependency on government) must be fought like the poison it is.

Now, dear reader, I must admit that I had my suspicions about how this speech would end. Living in Virginia and being exposed to the mass media market the way I am, I did not see a single campaign ad for Mitt last night or the night before. I saw plenty for Obama and McCain – none for Hillary surprisingly. In the back of my mind I had prepared for the fact that this just might be the end.

Mitt spoke about his desire to fight this campaign all the way to the convention much like Reagan did in 1976. I felt he really wanted to do this – to fight to the last day and give it his very best shot. He said that today is different from 1976 in the fact that America today finds herself at war – a war which she cannot afford to lose or show weakness in the face of her enemies.

He said that while he and Senator McCain differ in many areas, there is one subject where there is no daylight between them. Both Mitt Romney and John McCain have the same desire to win the Global War on Terror. About that there is no negotiation.

That same desire is shared by neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama. They want to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, bring the troops home and triumphantly wave the white flag of surrender as the Islamofacists start a slaughter which will make the aftermath of Vietnam and Cambodia look like a walk in the park.

What Mitt Romney did today was in the best interest of the Republican Party and the United States of America. He has run a fine campaign and can be proud of his personal efforts, those of his wife and all the members of his family. His decision to step aside is one born of selflessness and will – in Mitt’s own words – allow a national campaign to begin.

Like Mitt, I hate to lose. Having said that, I hate the thought of waking up on November 5th to the sounds of President-elect Hillary or Obama.

That’s the view from my chair.

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Why not just leave your name on the ballot a little longer and see what happens?? The southern bible belt states were done and Romney beat Huck in ALL other states so WHY drop out now? Romney should have just stayed in a little longer to see how he did in states like Texas where he probably would've done very well. Plus isn't dropping out good news for Huck since he can get more delegates now and that's BAD news, you know?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 7, 2008 at 3:51 PM  

It's been a rough morning. I think we all felt like this since Tuesday night, but we were all willing to keep fighting for Mitt. I even had 40 people ready for my precinct for Washington's Saturday afternoon caucus. That last picture on your blog link from today shows a glimpse of the future. He'll be president some time in the future, and he knows it. History wasn't on his side this time. I'm proud to be a Mitt volunteer and will help out in any way I can. Time for party unity.

Ernie Geigenmiller

Well, get ready for a President Hillary or Barack, because McCain is toast. He has a shot at beating hillary because so many people dislike her. And the Black voters might turn on her.

However, McCain only won because of fluke of multiple candidates and non-republicans voting.

Without the MSM's support which disappears now, McCain won't get far, when the stories start on his temper and age.

I only hope Mitt's around in 2012 to repair the damage they cause.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 7, 2008 at 4:15 PM  

Wow,I was really surprised today when I heard Mitt was getting out and of course sad. The best man in the race isn't going to be president.McCain isn't going to change anything in Wash and this was always more about it being his turn anyway. It's a shame Mitt used his best speech as a farewell one and too bad he didn't talk more about welfare during the race. Doesn't seem fair that it's over already, I think most Americans are just starting to pay attention to politics. Trying to think what the turning point was in the race and i guess it was Crist and Martinez's endorsements in Fla. along with the kneecap on timetables. Anyway thanks for the Mitt updates at the site, I enjoyed them. Good luck to all you guys!! Joe.

Boy are you ever going to hate November 5th. What I'll hate is the four years which follow.

First, let me offer my condolences to the loss of your candidate in the race. I think all of us at our local meetup were hopeful that if our candidate didn't win the nomination, it would be anybody but McCain. With Romney's withdrawl, the fight against McCain will even be harder for those of us left behind.

But, now that Romney is out of the race, is there any way at all you can see clear to support Ron Paul? We sure would appreciate your support. Ron Paul is a candidate for all Americans because he DEFENDS our rights, liberties and Freedom to keep and earn our own money. Until we get our Ecomonic House in order, America (which is made up of WE THE PEOPLE) will never be the great nations our forefathers intended us to be. Could it be more a function of the recent ecomonic indicators that affected Mr. Romney's decision to withdraw? He is a business man. Of all the candidate's who laughed at Ron Paul as he discussed our fiat money system, I honestly believe that Mr. Romney is the only one who understood what he was talking about and he was laughing not so much as what Ron Paul said but rather that he had the courage to SAY it.

If you only know what you have heard or been told, please visit

MyManMitt team. I want to thank you guys for all your information over the past months. Many, many times per day I would come to the site and usually find interesting updates. My family and I are very sad about this result, but Mitt was right to bow out now. An excellent and very professional effort.

Mike M

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 7, 2008 at 5:45 PM  

This site has been great!!! Thanks for all the info and laughs. Mitt will go on and our work will have been worth the price someday. Mitt has made us proud from day one. Who knows, this race has had so many twists and turns, what the next nine months may bring. I saw a great quote today:

"The bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you refuse to take the turn."

God bless you, Mitt. What you did today took a lot of courage, something you've never lacked for. I think our country is less for your decision, but you are much better informed than I on this matter. I hope you will take the lead on conservative matters, spend a little of your enormous energy in helping us put conservative legislators in congress to counter-balance whomever the uninformed electorate puts in the White House. Again, God Bless you...and this country,

I hope Mitt uses the next 5 years to get a congress put together to really help him turn around the country he will inherit in 012. The sooner we get started on the congress, the less further down the left road we'll be when this country finally gets it together.

Mitt's exit was classy and wise. Huckabee now seems even more ridiculous.

I think McCain is a weak candidate, and even if he wins, I believe he is too old to serve more than one term. Mitt in '12!

I care about winning the war, but I am more concerned about Obama than Hillary. She refuses to take back her Iraq vote and she stood up and cheered when the President said that the surge was working. I think she is pandering/throwing bones to the left wing, but still not the ideal candidate to lead the war effort

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 7, 2008 at 6:55 PM  

Wow, what a fantastic speech delivered by a classy individual. I don't know how he bowed out after all the cheers and yells of "fight on!" I am proud of him and proud to support him. I have never contributed to a campaign before but I contributed to his 3 times. I don't want to take down my Romney for President yard sign... maybe I'll just paint a big 2012 across it.

MyManMitt, thank you so much for all your hard work. I love this site and will continue to visit it to get the latest on the man who one day will be President.

I was just starting to move on from Super Tuesday...just to find out that Mitt suspended the campaign. But, when I actually went online and saw the speech, I just though "wow". What an exit! 2012 anyone?
I'm really impressed by what Mitt did: suspending the campaign NOT because he had lost hope, but for party unity and the common good. He is an amazing person, and one day he will be our president and one of the best we've ever had.

Here's what I wrote shortly after hearing the news. I'm proud of Mitt because he understands this concept so well:
United we stand. Never forget this. For although we must at times stand alone to defend our principals, and thus our freedom, if we cannot bond together for our common good, our society as a whole will never achieve the fullness of the promise of freedom, nor will it ever succeed. Yet, this must never come at the loss of principal or conviction. While this may seem impossible, tolerance and unity are, in and of themselves, important values to uphold. There two things are the framework for our freedom: our personal convictions and our ability to join together, which added together form our core values as American citizens and children of God. Without both of these things, the society we have built will collapse; the cup of freedom we balance in our hand will shatter. And if the call to defend what is right was not difficult enough, this is the great challenge of freedom: to never give up fighting for what we believe in, but at the same time to recognize when uniting together, regardless of our differences, is essential to our freedom, and thus the survival of those principals which we will never abandon. As freedom cannot survive without principal, principals cannot survive without freedom.
People are not perfect, and thus, we cannot always agree on what is right. This is why debate is an essential part of free society. But society itself would collapse without compromise between disagreeing parties. And with the downfall of society ultimately comes the destruction of our freedoms.
I believe that true values will ultimately arise victorious. The call to unity is not a call to surrender. Rather, when we come together as Americans, we are promising each other that the differences between us will one day be resolved, that we are as dependent on each other as we are on our convictions, and that one day together we will achieve the greatest possible freedom.

I hope Mitt uses the next 5 years to get a congress put together to really help him turn around the country he will inherit in 012. The sooner we get started on the congress, the less further down the left road we'll be when this country finally gets it together.
bolinguist - I loved this comment!

We have a lot of work to do in the next four years.

Freedom isn't free.

Mitt Romney in 2012!

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