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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
posted by Justin Hart | 1:21 PM | permalink
We are all doing it right now. Hang tight.
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Romney MUST stay in the race since got way more than DOUBLE the amount of votes Huck got and Romney will beat Huck from here on out since most of the bible states are over and Huck only won those states so he is a regional candidate. People in other parts of the country actually have a negative opinion about having an evangelical minister in the white house! The bottom line is Romney can feel better knowing that Huck's bible states are almost all gone and Romney can beat Huck in most states from here on out SO THERE IS NO REASON FOR ROMNEY TO QUIT AND HE SHOULD GO ALL THE WAY TILL A NOMINEE IS DECIDED, SEE?

1) Keep the vote for huckabee is a vote for McCain. Exploit this reality and the WV backroom deal. Huckabee is not a true conservative he's a political opportunist. Hit them with, do you really want another token conservative VP?

2) Nurture the radio base, let it work in Romney's advantage. This medium takes time to overcome the MSM. Keep theme #1 at the forefront.

3) Emphasize McCain and Huckabee's money weaknesses and their lack of economic policies.

4) Hit back on the class warefare lines and label both candidates as killing the heart and sole of the republican party. We are the party of future prosperity, we are the party that says you can become rich.

By Anonymous Romney Economy, at February 6, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

I love Mitt Romney, he's a wonderful candidate and will be in a much better position if he leaves not and comes back in four years. He needs to keep himself known and start integrating himself with the party elite so they are less likely to hijack the election next time. It is my belief this is a democratic year and that McCain is the new Bob Dole. Let him take the hit for this election and come back strong in four years.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 2:00 PM  

If Romney and Huckabee can somehow split half of the remaining delegates, there will be no winner prior to the Republican Convention. Does someone know what will happen in that case? Or where to look?

If no one candidate gets the required number of delegates, then I think a brokered convention will occur. It is when the delegates get to vote/broker for the nominee. The scenario will be very similar to what happened in West Virginia, but that’s a guess.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 2:40 PM  

Yes, if this continues a three-way mess, would that open a new window of opportunity for Romney at a brokered convention? Do his advantage of staying power, energy, and financial solvency win him another chance if he hangs in for a brokered convention? If so, then ONWARD!!! I am definitely one of those that WILL NOT vote for a non-conservative, and with McCain there is no candidate for conservatives. Romney gives us a voice.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 2:43 PM  

If we go the convention and McCain can't win on the first ballot, I believe all delegates are free to vote anyway they like. If McCain promises Huckabee the VP position for Huckabee's delegates, then that would probably be enough to push McCain over on the second ballot. If Mitt has any desire to try this again then he should conceede, make McCain the nominee, play nice with the party and act like Ronald Reagan when he lost the primary to Gerald Ford. Remember, we needed a Jimmy Carter to get to Ronald Reagan.

By Anonymous mcolegrove, at February 6, 2008 at 2:44 PM  

I am sitting here in Texas... just waiting for the word that Mitt still has a chance and still has the heart to fight to the end... is it still possible?

Romney is a classy guy and a good man. This is why he should bow out. If he remains and is perceived as a dividing force in the party, he may never bo forgiven. Nixon lost two heartbreaking elections and came back. Reagan lost in 1976 and came back. Romney should do the same.

I have never felt as strongly for a candidate as I did for Romney. It was a great ride but the time has come.

By Anonymous Pete_Bondurant, at February 6, 2008 at 3:24 PM  

I think that Mitt should stay in it, but I realize the money and momentum makes it hard.

1) make a good case at CPAC

2) play hard for Kansas and Washington, both are Caucuses that Mitt has shown strength at.

3) Then make a judgement, wins in KS and Wash could help to slow the McCain train and keep things open till Texas or Ohio

4) Huckabee is a factor you will need to deal with

5) Most everyone knows about McCain's liberal policies, Mitt should talk more about his plans.

6) Reagan stayed in the race and won some late victories, including a key one in NC; that gave him momentum for 1980. Mitt should adopt a similar strategy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 3:51 PM  

It looks like Mitt is going to continue to fight.

According to The Campaign Spot blog, Team Romney is looking to continue the fight and point to CPAC for the direction.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 4:12 PM  

Romney should leave now. If it goes to the convention, he is going to get faced with another backroom deal between Huck and McCain, where Huck encourages all his delegates to vote for McCain in exchange for the VP.

Better to save face now and leave. Let McCain flop against Obama and/or Clinton, work with the GOP the next 4 years, and come back stronger than ever in 2012.

Things are tough, but now is not the time to give up. Remember adversity reveals ones character

From electromney2008 blog

Romney Fighting All The Way To The Convention?

After talking to some Romney people, there are no signs of relenting. One source friendly to Romney says that “the speech tomorrow at CPAC will give the direction one way or another.”

Apparently the word is going around Team Romney that McCain will need 77 percent of the delegates remaining to win.*

Even assuming that McCain reaches 700 delegates once counting finishes in California, he would still need to win 77% of delegates from upcoming states to secure the nomination by April 1.

Mitt Romney is planning to target the delegate-rich Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4, and will campaign this week in Kansas and Washington, which hold Republican caucuses on Saturday.

“We’re number two in delegates. We feel very good about our chances going forward,” Romney’s traveling press secretary, Eric Fehrnstrom, told a scrum of reporters camped outside Romney’s North End headquarters today.

Ohio, Fehrnstrom said, is struggling with many of the same economic problems as Michigan, which Romney won last week. Texas, he said, has a very conservative primary electorate, which should respond well to Romney’s message of economic, social and national security conservatism.

The Kansas and Washington caucuses should be friendly territory because Romney tends to do well in contests where he can leverage his organizational and financial muscle, Fehrnstrom said.

“We’re going to have the resources we need to compete going forward,” Fehrsntrom said. “He’s raising more money than he’s putting in.”
Fehrsntrom described the morale of the staff as “very upbeat.”

“Everyone is feeling good about the future, and we’re going to move forward from here,” Fehrnstrom said.

Romney got a big applause from his staff when he met with them this morning, he said.

“John McCain had a good night — no question about that,” Fehrnstrom said. “But that does not mean Governor Romney had a bad night. We tip our hat to John McCain. He won, I think, nine states. We won seven.”

Romney had no public appearances scheduled and planned to spend the rest of the day meeting with aides and writing his speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee tomorrow.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 4:25 PM  

So, anyone else thinking (although you would never say it, right)that it would be a good idea if VP Cheney offered to take McCain hunting? :)

Seriously, though, I am not yet ready to quit, although if Romney quit now he would look like such a gentleman compared to Huckabee, staying in long after he cannot feasibly win.

The other thing is, I have seen so many polls stating that the American people believe 1)that there is a liberal bias, and 2)that the MSM cannot be trusted - mind you, usually by an overwhelming majority. My question is, if that is the case, why do we still watch? Maybe this is silly, but anyone up for a boycott? We can just as well get our news from talk radio and reputable websites.

Just received this email from another Mitt supporter. I'm hoping you guys can verify if it's true (seems accurate to me...):

I just did the math and Huckabee has been mathematically eliminated! We need to tell everyone and I mean everyone! This is huge and Huckabee can't justify staying in the race anymore. There are only 963 delegates left in this race and Huckabee has 176. In order to win the nomination, you need at least 1,191 delegates and if Huckabee wins EVERY SINGLE DELEGATE LEFT, he will end up with 1,139. Game over Huckabee! Spread the word!

"If Romney and Huckabee can somehow split half of the remaining delegates, there will be no winner prior to the Republican Convention. Does someone know what will happen in that case? Or where to look?"

I posted a little about this scenario on the Super Tuesday Surprise post on my blog:

A brokered convention will still most likely give McCain the nomination if he still has this much of a lead; however, it should at least allow the GOP to force some conservative party demands (during the political horse-trading process) on the McCain candidacy.

Even though Huck can't possibly get to 1,191 delegates after last night (and Romney's chances of getting to 1,191 are now almost as bad as Huck's) Romney & Huck should both stay in the race after a night like last night. Both can run a low-key, inexpensive campaign that still divides up the rest of the delegates.

Depending on how the unpledged delegates shake out over the next few days, McCain could still need as much as 50% of the remaining delegates to win without having a brokered convention...and he has yet to perform that well in any primaries or caucuses.

The problem with any of these scenarios is that the ONE THING that I can guarantee will never ever ever happen is Huckabee cooperating with Romney. All McCain has to do is to amass enough delegates so that his + Huckabee's is a majority. If the nomination is still undecided at the convention (which is an occurrence with a vanishingly small chance of happening), then Huckabee will throw in with McCain, a la W Va in reverse. The reality is that, as of
this point in time, there is NO chance for Romney.

I say this as a year-long supporter for Romney. As sad as it makes me, there are only two possibilities here. One is the "Hewitt Option", the other is the "Coulter Alternative". I am leaning in Ann's direction, personally.


I hope Mitt hangs in there to the end just so McCain doesn't get an easy victory. On the other hand I don't want Mitt to embarass himself in any way.It's funny that no one cals for Huck to get out even though he only has one southern state left and he has less delegates than Mitt. The problem is a lot of the set of the states are apportioned and independents can cross over in some and we know where they'll go. I don't think Mitt would have a problem money wise if he feels it's worthwhile. Staying in means he needs a rationale. Maybe he can say conservatives deserve a voice the rest of the way,I don't know.Even if he does drop out he's going to have the problem of endorsing McCain. Edwards hasn't endirsed anyone maybe he can take the same path.Hopefully he feels the way millions of us do and say he can't support someone who's so anti-conservative on so many issues.

I just posted over at Iowans for Romney that Mitt should stay in.

Maybe he should just stay in but play it cool for the next few weeks.

I know that Huckster won't cooperate with Romney, but maybe McCain is the one who can help the Hucksters and the Bainiacs mend fences.

Maybe Romney should change his rhetoric a bit going forward as well.

Just a thought:

If McCain ends up winning the nomination, his best pick for VP is Mitt Romney. If McCain is smart, he should pick Romney, in order for him (McCain) to get the base of the Republican Party to back him. According to voter analysis, Romney - not Yuckabee - wins the so-called “Conservatives” in every state, even in McCain’s home state - AZ. McCain won the moderates, and independents. Again, having Romney as his VP will also unite the party. Huckabee will not and cannot give McCain this advantage!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

I think he should stay in a little bit longer-see how the caucuses turn out. If he does not do well, he should do the classy thing and exit the race(and become next in line for 2012). If McCain is the nominee, I'm pursuing the "Coulter Alternative."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 6:13 PM  

Romney should stay in for as long a possible. Why? To allow as many states to show his support or anti-McCain support that can.
Taking this to a brokered convention would be a very good thing. The part of the party that is supporting Mitt needs to have it's voice heard. The Media will not do it.
I will support Mitt for as long as he is in.

By Anonymous Lance in Tx, at February 6, 2008 at 6:33 PM  

Romney needs to stay in for at least until March 4 because the southern Huckabee factor is mostly gone now and Romney will do well from now and someone I know from Texas said he's polling well there. Remember that Huck didn't win squat outside of the south!! The rest of the country doesn't want a minister in the white house. Plus he needs to keep his name out there longer and not just disappear so soon, you know?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 7:45 PM  

Huckabee has sevral fronts he is battling. One, he feels and rightly so that he has to fight his constituents plea to keep the anti-christ cult member out of office. (I am an active mormon so please read the rest and you'll see my point.) proof of this is that huckabee keeps attacking Romney while McCain is in the lead. Isn't the idea to attack the frontrunner and hope to bring his numbers down? Also Huck is vying for a position on McCain's cabinet maybe even VP. McCain knows if Huck wasn't in this race it would be Romney with the huge lead in delegates. Look at the states where Romney has lost and give him 3-7% where McCain won and likely first place in all Huckabee won states with exception of maybe two. Unfortunatly Huck and McCain both hate Romney which will prevent Mitt from making friends with Huck and making something magical happen. Mitt, unless you have some fascinating strategy for a brokered convention I would back out as there is almost no chance you can take back enough delegates especially with Huck's motives of keeping you contained. I am looking forward to Mitt 2012. Also Mitt, I Love your effort but this has shown you I hope the danger of changing position on an issue many consider non-negotiable within your faith. My brother (a non mormon)can't accept a mormon being prochoice and many felt that way. Good luck Mitt in whatever road you choose.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 8:04 PM  

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