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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
posted by Rob Watson | 11:01 PM | permalink
Dole ignites new McCain-Romney feud - Decision '08-

As if it couldn't get any weirder, Bob Dole is suddenly, somehow, part of this race. This is just so bizarre, I can't even get my head around it.

What's even more ridiculous (and really quite sad) is that McCain tried to turn a truthful commentary by Romney on Dole's failed presidential bid into a personal attack on Dole's war record.

As if that had anything to do with a 2008 primary election. These gentlemen--heroes that they are indeed (I don't dispute that and I honor them for it)--are fighting the battles of the past. Long ago, terrible things happened to them, it's sure. None of us expects those wounds to completely heal. But if you claim to be running for the future of America, then by gosh, run for the FUTURE of America and leave the past in your scrapbook.

Romney rightfully defended himself by saying,
Referring to Dole as "an American hero, a war hero, a fine man and a great leader of our party," Romney told reporters: "I do not think highly of the mental set that says we should choose our nominee based on how many years they've served and how long they've waited in line."

Romney said the choice should be made on vision, values, energy, passion and the ability to change Washington, "and I think I win that battle."
That he does. Isn't that exactly what most Americans say they want, time and time again? I hope the electorate is not so easily swayed by the MSM's take on this latest dogfight.

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Wanna talk about wierd? I am thinking tonight that two months from now, Mitt supporters might be thanking Huckabee for what he did in the South tonight.

I've thought the same thing. However, if Mitt loses Cali like the media predicts, its over.

Republicans can't help but vote for the old guy. It is sad, frustrating, etc...but what can you do?

I don't think Mitt should drag this out.

However, what do I know. PROVE ME WRONG!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 1:01 AM  

Hey Mitt supporters, lift your heads have won CO, MA, MN, MT, ND, UT and AK today. Oh, and WV was stolen. The fact is you are still in the game.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 6, 2008 at 2:07 AM  

I know what Mitt was trying to say yesterday about Dole but it just didn't come out right.McCain being the hack politician that he is exploited it to the max.I don't know how much of an effect it had on the results yesterday It's obvious at this point that Republicans are choosing electibility over principle. Most people still believe that Hillary will be the nom despite all the hoopla surrounding Obama. Even if Obama contines to hold his own Hillary has the super delegates in the bag and they'll take their marching orders from Howard Dean. The economy really hasn't helped Mitt out all that much because for the most part republican voters are pretty well situated financially. The evangelicals in the south want a seat at the table and Huck is their symbolic guy.Romney needed some surprise wins last night and he didn't get any.All these winner take all states were designed to help Guliani and they all went to McCain.

I know that this blog is purely political, and that you all are not LDS. But in order for Mitt to run again next election we must address the issue that prevented him getting the nomination this time.

It is obvious that Romney has been hurt by his religion.

Mitt was clearly the best candidate. Among this season’s candidates it is undeniable. Aside from his charisma and intelligence, Mitt was the only candidate that attempted to unite the three Republican core factions: social, economic, and foreign policy conservatives. This union has been key to Republicans edging out narrow victories. This fact is plain to insiders such a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter who have directly or indirectly endorsed Mitt.

Then we must wonder why he has done so poorly. If creditability was the issue, then why is it not an issue for McCain who has changed on numerous social issues, economic issues, and may have considered running with John Kerry? The reason Mitt’s “flip-flopper” status sticks is the subject of a famous Vanderbilt poll which indicated Mormonism, not flip-flopping was the issue. Another widely published gallop poll showed that 27 percent of republicans would not vote for a qualified Mormon candidate, this was a number much greater then for women or African Americans. This makes Mormons the most discriminated minority in America.

Some claim that we can not hold Huckabee or McCain accountable. In response, I point out that Huck’s official blog (whose comments are edited by campaign staff) allows remarks such as: if we elect Mitt “we might as well elect a witch.” In addition, Huck continues to refer to himself as a “Christian leader,” implying that Mitt is not, and refusing to classify Mormons as Christians. Huck, a knowledgeable Baptist minister, plays ignorant about anti-Mormon remarks concerning Christ’s brother–not to mention Huck’s supporters participating in push-polling, anti-Mormon Christmas cards, and spam e-mails. Currently, with no chance of winning, Huck continues to campaign in order to whittle away Mitt the Mormon’s voters. When asked about the frontrunner McCain, Huck twists the question into attacks on Mitt. He will soldier on until the day Mitt concedes. Ultimately, the Baptist minister would rather have a social liberal in the White House rather then a Mormon. Who benefits from this anti-Mormon campaign? The grateful McCain who is not worthy of a conservative’s vote to begin with.

So who does a conservative Utah Mormon vote for? The answer is clear, Hillary/Obama! First, there is no conservative. Second, the democrats will win. McCain, with the allure of Bob Dole, verses a Hillary/Obama ticket is no contest. Third, any margin of victory will be well beyond Utah’s five votes. So let’s do something useful. A massive protest vote will garnish national media attention, and we will use this attention to send a message that Mormons deserve more respect and less discrimination. We are Americans, and the republicans cannot rely on Utah to be their lackey anymore.

Some argue that this will show The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a political vehicle, only reaffirming evangelical fears. In that case let this sentinel article refute any affiliation to the LDS Church or Mitt Romney’s campaign. Others argue that media attention will not change minds. To this I answer that the media attention has already changed minds. As Mitt’s campaign has progressed, the polls have shown a decrease in the number of people with ill feelings toward the LDS Church.

Many minorities focus attention on their respective bigotry, and over time feelings change–nobody likes to be a bigot. One example is the Jewish people; by focusing attention to people’s bigotry over time, they have become fully accepted. When Lieberman runs for office there is no “Christian leader” running against him. It is this media attention that keeps Huck fighting Mitt. This Baptist minister knows that Mormonism in the media throughout a Mormon presidency would lead to reconciliation and decrease prejudice.

Utah unite! Like Women’s Lib or The Civil Rights Movement, we must protest prejudice! Do you want your children growing up in a country where they can’t be president? Vote for Obama/Hillary!
Join at

Well, looks like I will be starting my "" website soon. I hope McCain gets clobbered in the general...


I agree with you partly in that Mormonism was a factor for sure in this race, but I feel the need to reconstruct one statement:

"It is obvious that Romney has been hurt by his religion."

I would actually say (and the actual thrust of your comments were) that Romney was hurt by misperceptions of his religion, not by the religion itself. Mormonism has proven to be the most steadfast in defense of true and righteous principles towards bettering humanity (true conservativism). It's the spin on his religion and not the religion itself that mars his candidacy.

I'm not sure I follow you on voting Hillary/Obama. The only reason I say that is that we have made so much progress towards overturning Roe v. Wade and I cannot stand the thought of voting for someone who represents the most vile of thinking regarding voteless, voiceless unborn children. McCain is the lesser of the evils in my book because he would be beholden (eventually) to the right on this issue.

Either way, I'm thinking about writing in Romney on my ticket. The polls were not well represented in terms of the overall population of voters and my hunch is that there are a LOT of really TICKED OFF conservatives, ones who don't go for Hucksterbee's bull, who might do the same. The surprises may be yet to come.

You know, I'm feeling oddly calm this morning, probably the calmest I've been since Iowa. Mitt did pretty well yesterday, although I'm disappointed with the CA results of course. But overall I have a calm feeling that things are going to work out. Not that he will get the nom necessarily, but that he will have his chance again should McCain get it. McCain will not win the general. Sure, he has an OK chance against HRC but he has no chance against Obama. Obama's youth and status as the change candidate will lead to a McCain whalloping.

And in 4 more years when the economy is in the tank even further, the GOP will be begging Romney to come save the day like he did with the Olympics. It's Reagan all over again.

Of course I still hold out hope that McCain will do something even stupider than usual or that we'll triumph in a brokered convention, but if not, I for one will be making a paper chain for 2012.

On a side note, I have to wonder what the American public is thinking... Congressional approval ratings are horrible and yet it's very likely the next POTUS will be a member of Congress. "We think you're doing a crappy job, why don't you become the President instead?" I don't get it.


I had a poli-sci professor who once posited in one of his lectures that people ought to have to take a civics exam before they're given a ballot at the voting booth. If they pass the exam with a 70% or better score, they can vote. If they don't, they can't.

His logic was that we require people to take an exam when they apply for a driver's license. Why not for when they are voting for the highest offices in the land?

Of course, this is hyperbole, and there would be too much room for fraud and abuse with such tests, but I do wonder what the scores would be like based on the spew that I hear coming out of people's mouths when they try to sound like they know what they're talking about WRT the war on terror, the economy, abortion, etc.

People are lemmings, from my observation. No matter how badly the situation and the conditions that led us there are, people are reluctant to change course. They always want to vote for the devil they know. That's why an effective three- or four-party system is unlikely to ever take hold in this or any country.

I am still with Romney and will continue to support him. That being said IF we are left to choose our next POTUS from three Senators it will serve us well to remind the country why we DON'T pick poll takers aka legislators as leaders.

The beauty of America is that we get the leaders we elect for good or bad.

I have this feeling that Romney continues on and that McCain blows it one way or another. There is still a lot of time until the convention.

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