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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
posted by Jon | 10:32 PM | permalink
While it's pretty obvious for whom I will cast my vote in next week’s Virginia primary, I have yet to state clearly why it is I will support the former Bay State Governor, Mitt Romney, in that contest.

Like you, I have but one vote to cast. I take that responsibility seriously as it is the most important civic duty I will ever perform.

Mitt Romney is by far the most qualified person running for America’s highest political office. His accomplishments dwarf those of his opponents in every way possible. I have elaborated on those facts before and although they are relevant, they are not my main reason for voting the way I will.

I support Mitt Romney for one single reason:

Mitt Romney cannot be bought.

Simply put, Mitt sees his campaign’s biggest political contributor every morning in the mirror. He doesn’t have to deal with the pressures political donors put on those they help get elected once they’ve assumed the reigns of power. Should Mitt be fortunate enough to sit in the Big Chair, he will be free to govern as he sees fit and not be subject to the whims and dictates of any one of a number of special interest groups.

That one fact is extremely important.

John McCain can’t say that. Despite his best efforts to remove money from the political system via the free-speech travesty known as McCain-Feingold, he’s still subject to the requirement that campaigns require money. McCain raised less that $10 million in January – not enough for a national campaign. He’ll have to raise far more than that to have a decent shot at the Oval. Raising that kind of money has a cost – and that cost will be John McCain being beholden to the myriad of donors which put him in that chair.

Mike Huckabee has even less money on hand than McCain. If he had a realistic shot at the Oval, I’d discuss him, but as he has a better shot of winning the Miss America contest, I will dismiss his candidacy without further argument for this post.

The Republican Party has a choice over the next few weeks. We can stay with the back room brokered establishment factory produced candidates who take office with a long list of people to re-pay and go about business as usual, or we can vote for a change. We can vote for a man who is beholden to no one but himself – and the voters.

Mitt Romney cannot be bought.

It really is that simple.
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Amen to that! I always knew that in the back of my mind, but your post clarified it for me and brought it front and center.

I have wondered if all those political leaders endorsed John McCain because they suspected that Mitt Romney is not bought easily through favors. I believe that not only can he not be bought with money, but, I also think that he can not be bought through "endorsements". He still has the principle to do what he sees fit without handing out favors and positions to the "friends" who endorsed him when he was running for President.

By Anonymous christiejo2, at February 7, 2008 at 1:13 PM  

I just want to say that Mitt Romney is a GREAT AMERICAN. I wish he hadnt suspended his campaign. JFK said once "Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what YOU and do for your country" The Democrats these days dont believe in that they believe in hand outs for lazy people,and for illigal aliens. Mitt is asking what can YOU do for your country? Say no to immoral Hollywood, say no to changing our language to accommodate others. This is America lets tell everyone if you expect to live here then learn English. Mitt belives in a strong America in the America your parents and grandparents fought for. Make families reponsible for their own NOT the governmen, start loving your children enough to be the ones to teach them morals don't expect the government to do it. Mitt Believes we can be that America again. Sure the Democrats want all sorts of freebies for people too lazy to work but that is how a dictatorship emerges by keeping people under their thumbs, by keeping people down making them think that they cant do anything. YOu need a government that give you help temporarily so that you can get a job and get self esteem. Mitt wanted that for all of us , for America to become strong again.

Thank you for letting me ramble on but...Mitt Romney not everyboby knows it I know it THIS COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 9, 2008 at 6:35 PM  

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