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Thursday, January 3, 2008
posted by jason | 12:40 AM | permalink
Driving back to the hotel from the Romney Ralley I took a wrong turn to the freeway. As I was driving up the street I thought would lead to the freeway I saw a huge motor home. Turns out it was Fred's ride. It was sitting outside a news studio, so I went up and asked the driver where Fred was and he said inside. So I found some guy outside the building who was a reporter stated talking to him and he let me in the building.

So I stood there for a moment and wouldn't you know it, out walks Fred with his entourage.

So I asked for an interview and was sent to his press secretary. He said it had been a long night so I could do an email interview. I asked him for a card, and he didn't have one.

So I followed them back to the bus and took some video in the 10 degree weather. When we got to the bus door I asked the press secretary, "What are your feelings about tomorrow?"

His answer?


Then he got back on the bus.

Draw your own ironic conclusions.
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Ha!! Jason - you're such a card....!!

Haha! Classic!

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