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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
posted by Anne | 10:24 PM | permalink
MSM media fact checkers starting to look into Huckabee's claims: This excerpt from
Huckabee Cut Crime and Taxes?
The truth is that violent crime was higher at the end of his term than when he took office, and he raised taxes more than he cut them.
In the run-up to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Huckabee is running a TV ad featuring graphics that claim he was "tough on crime" and "brought Arkansas' crime rate down," and that he "cut taxes over 90 times as governor."

In fact, the violent crime rate was higher at the end of his tenure than it was the year he took office. And the tax cuts he claims credit for were minor compared with the large increases he approved, which included an increase in the state sales tax.
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As much as I would like to digest this tasty morsel of Huckabee smack, I am afraid that I find is less than honest about their neutrality or lack of bias. Take a look at who funds this organization and who is on staff and do a little fact checking on them to understand what I mean.

the fact check hack job on Romney on this site was filled with mostly platitudes and unimportant nitpicking such as the whole hunting hyperbole. Sure it is a factcheck, but where is the beef? If they are going to nitpick and select which nits they wish to pick that implies bias.

Huckabee doesn't need their help to implode. His Howard Dean moment happened yesterday, and that is all she wrote. After tomorrow, Huckabee will be replaced by McCain as the goto guy for the media to adore. After New Hampshire, there will only be Romney and Giuliani standing, with Thompson in the shadows ready to spring out when the media in a last gasp desperate attempt to push Romney off the cliff. They will suddenly discover what is great about Mr Law and Order, but it will be too little too late. Huckabee supporters will jump off his bandwagon in sufficient numbers and many of them will jump on the Thompson train while others will convert to their bretheren's Evangelicals for Mitt. McCain supporters will taper off as they divide up into three groups of Thompson (anyone but Romney), Giuliani (fiscal moderates who want Bin Laden skewered) and Romney.

With Huck and McCain basically dead men walking, Romney will surge in Michigan due to his legacy, and Thompson and Giuliani will battle it out for second. There are over 250K LDS members in Nevada, and you can be sure that not all or of the Harry Reid bent, and with Huck and McCain gasping their last breaths, They will flow into either the Ron Paul camp or the Mitt Romney camp.

Romney will win Nevada going away. South Carolina by this time will be Romney's. If Thompson has dropped out by than, watch all of his supporters except the (anyone but Romney crowd) to come flying in on Romney's coattails because they sniff a winner. That will put Florida into Mitt's hands. If Thompson is stubborn thinking that he actually has a chance, than Florida will become a battle Royale that Romney will most likely win. That should be enough for Thompson, and Feb 5th will be Giuliani trying to play catch up the rest of the way.

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