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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
posted by jason | 1:29 PM | permalink
I finally arrived in Des Moines and headed over to the Romney Headquarters to meet up with some blogging friends from the Elect Romney Blog (Great coverage on their activities in Iowa as well.) Before heading out for dinner I took a tour of the headquarters. Things had sowed down at this, earlier there had been 200 volunteers there from all over the nation making calls and hundreds more souring the neighborhoods and precincts, but there were still plenty there hanging around, chatting and eating pizza.

I also heard from one person I had dinner with that while phone banking, he ran in to a few people who had been undecided until they saw Huckabee's stunt the other day and decided to jump on with Romney. In fairness this was a Romney backer and I didn't ask him if he met anyone who decided to go with Huck because of Romney's ads on Huckabee. So it's anecdotal, but none the less, people in Iowa are paying attention and a single event can sway their vote. Every little detail counts at this point.

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Jason, based on where you had me in this video, it was 8:45ish when you came thru. Saw you with the camera, but didn't realize it was you. Bet you're having a great time as an embed!

Jeff -

This is where Romney's organization and dedicated supporters will make it a win in Iowa.

Jason, thanks very much for this and all your Iowa posts. They've helped me get fired up to work for Romney here in Georgia. Great job!

Mitt about you give your delegates to Huckabe because we are democrates and would switch to Huckabe because we definitely no way..would vote for John McCain...God forbid if John McCain becomes our president.

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