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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
posted by jason | 5:31 PM | permalink

The Cedar Rapids Event was held at the Airport hanger here in town. There was (eyeball guesstimate) about 200 supporters there, and about 100 members of the press. Romney was introduced by Dennis Hastert, who surprised all the members of the press. Hastert gave a strong introduction to Mitt, and will be in Iowa through the caucuses. Hastert will actually be speaking at the Bettendorf Caucus on behalf of Mitt. Another interesting tidbit to come out of this, that actually has really impressed some of the press, is the fact that the Romney campaign has drivers standing by the evening of the caucuses to give people rides to the event who can't get there on their own. From what I understand, the ground game has a number of great things like that being planned. Turns out Clinton is hiring baby sitters and is making sure elderly people have sedans to ride in to the caucuses since they are easier to get into.

Speaking of the press corps, the first couple flights I sat next to a producer from one of the big three networks. From talking to this person it seems that one of things that the press finds so interesting about the campaign is that they are so well organized. This producer said he mere fact they get schedules for the events 24 hours in advance and that everything runs so smoothly is really a testament. This producer added, "If they can run a campaign this well...they could run the country."

Talking to some of the Romney supporters it's clear they are very optimistic for tomorrow and really are excited for tomorrow. One field coordinator I interviewed, which I will post when I have enough time on the internet to upload, made the observation that she has ran into people out on the streets going door to door for Mitt who she had no idea who they were. They just went out on their own accord.

The event itself was pretty good. Romney's son Craig came on stage on spoke kindly about his father, and his grandfather, and Mitt really hit on the family theme here.

When I get the videos up from today, they will include an interview with Dennis Hastert I landed.
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I just hope those people going door to door for Mitt on their own were really for Mitt and weren't giving out the wrong addresses for the caucuses, there's some shadiness going on I've heard...

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