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Saturday, January 5, 2008
posted by Jeff Fuller | 1:28 AM | permalink
OK . . . so there are other factors too, but the Dow Jones dropped 2% today (257 pts) on the heels of two populist candidates winning the Iowa caucuses.


I report . . . you decide.

Jeff Fuller
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The dismal employment numbers for the month of December, were not out of line from what economists were expecting. So you can't attribute the 250pt loss on the DOW on that.

Two populist candidates that have ranted against wall street won.... and how every American is 2% poorer for it. And this is just the beginning.....

The media has been trying to talk the country into a recession because they think it helps the Dems in Nov.The Dems don't even have to put a plan forward because a lot of people think they are simply good luck charms for the economy.People think if you end the war in Iraq that money will magically wind up in their pockets. It just shows the nanny statism that people are falling for and now even GOP voters are falling for it,thus some Huck enthusiasm.Rush is attempting to right the ship by pointing out populism isn't conservatism.Huck's trying to use the class warfare card In NH since he can't use his religious based zealotry there.Mitt has a broad based POSITIVE message that has him in the top of the polls every where.If the economy does emerge as the #1 issue it could help Mitt because of his business background. No one else in the race has this experience.

Has an McCain or Huck supporters thought about the fact that neither of these guys can raise enough money to compete with the Dems if they were to get the nom? I seriously doubt the establishment republicans will trow any serious dought their way. They whine about Mitt's deep pockets but we need someone with deep pockets to take them on. I wish Mitt would start dropping hints about neither one of them being able to raise money.

you funny

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 5, 2008 at 3:30 PM  

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