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Friday, January 4, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 11:53 AM | permalink
It’s times like this that make you take a look at yourself to see what’s really at the core. Of course I say that metaphorically (unless I have x-ray vision…checking…nope, no luck). I know the tendency (and believe me, I indulged last night) is to say the world is falling. Yet, there is comfort in history. Reagan. Bush 41. Clinton. These are all people who lost Iowa and yet went on to win the presidency. In fact, Clinton didn’t win a state until Feb. 5th. Probably all of you already knew that, but it has added importance for Romney because he has been running a traditional campaign that relies on historical precedent. In spite of the propensity of some to declare a new way to running a campaign (I’m looking at you Rudy (“I’m waiting until Florida to compete.”), Fred (“All I need is the web and I’ll ‘virtually’ win.”), and McCain (“Who needs Republicans when I can get non-Republicans to vote for me.”)), Romney stuck to a traditional model reliant on historical examples. Winning campaigns, historically, won early and often. Thus, the historical examples are relevant because they already provided a basis for Romney’s campaign plan.

But relying purely on history would be little comfort alone. More than just history, I am comforted that we truly do have the best candidate. Mitt Romney is, for me, the once-in-a-generation candidate. He is a conservative who knows why conservatism works. He’s seen the depravity of liberalism and has been won over by conservative principles. He has fought and won against a liberal agenda. Most of all, he would inject government with a dose of competence only seen once in a generation. I believe in Mitt Romney and take comfort that he is the best candidate.

So, cheer up all you Mitt-heads who are down today. The sun rises again. History is on our side. And most of all, we have a candidate for the ages. On to New Hampshire!
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